Murmur’s Series: Murmur’s Street IQ Platform. Breakthrough in Marketing world

A new generation of digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising solution providers use data and cutting-edge technology to update ad messaging in real time. These providers also measure and analyze meaningful metrics ranging from app downloads to in-store foot traffic.

This week we shall analyze the Murmur’s Street IQ system and how it helps its partners to success in advertising campaigns

Let’s talk about the features of the Murmur’s Street IQ system

Ads on Backpacks

Unlike other forms of digital advertising, consumers can’t miss it. But Murmur’s approach is particularly unobtrusive. The street-media platform includes ad screens on customized and delivery backpacks that show dynamic content via location-based, GPS-enabled triggers. Advertisers can benefit from the targeting and measurement efficiencies they would expect from digital advertising, but because the backpacks are already woven into the fabric of people’s lives, the ads don’t feel intrusive.

Showing Relevant Ads

Since Murmur screens are GPS-enabled, businesses can update ad images and messaging based on precise locations and audiences, as well as other triggers, including time of day, day of the week, and weather.

It’s All About the Measurable Results

Murmur’s Street.IQ use live data to optimize advertising campaigns weekly. By continually monitoring performance, the team can make smart suggestions for the further improvements. For example, Murmur Street IQ system helped local coffee shop in Chicago to increase daily sales from 30 coffee cups to 120 coffee cups. Murmur provided data like competitors’ peak time, their audience, gender, age, interest, mood, where they mostly hung out.

Target Potential Customers Where They’re Mostly Likely To Be

Targeting direct potential customers right in front of the business that is  advertising itself has been a huge success in Murmur’s advertising experience. For instance, in the most recent advertising for Oral-B (electric tooth-brushes), Murmur used the strategy of place-based advertising. Murmur’s backpack walkers’ main location was near the dental clinics. The reason of choosing this location is that the patients that are going in and out of these offices will see this ad. Later, when they will need to buy a good quality toothbrush, their visual memory automatically will help them make a decision.

Murmur Makes a Big Impression

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands often use digital OOH to reach audiences in key regions, or even particular neighborhoods, in case of, Murmur, it has massive reach in the country’s biggest cities. When audience members in those areas see multiple ads on LCD backpacks, small businesses, as well as big ones may seem to have a big presence. 

Murmur Street IQ system has a massive experience in building advertising strategy for small, as well as medium and big size businesses.And the fact that the users of our platform manage to build their own ad campaign via out platform within 30 minutes says that the further partnership will be easy and effective.

Why Murmur is the best choice for Street IQ feature

We use computer vision and sensors (Eye tracking) to measure impressions and views. Inside our backpacks we have various sensors to make our technology working. We use Computer Vision to differ audiences by gender, age, behavior and eye tracking to measure impressions and views.

We are measuring impressions & views within 1 meter distance. In this case we get 95% data accuracy. If the distance of object and our screens is far for 2 -4 meters, we get only 75% data accuracy, which is still good but not acceptable for us.

Recently, we’ve made a little experiment to compare the effectiveness of Murmur backpacks with other outdoor advertising tools. You can learn more  about here (

Reach the highest highs in advertising with Murmur.

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