Focus of the Week: Eye Tracking in Action. How Murmur helps Oral-B to advertise in dental field?

For the last twenty years, we have heard that a “new economy” is about to supplant the old ways of trading in material goods – an economy whose attention would be the first scarcity and the most valuable source of value.

In today’s blog post we shall analyze the role of eye tracking tool in marketing and the case of successful collaboration between Murmur and Oral-B via using eye-tracking in advertising.

Let’s get to know the eye-tracking tool a little closer.

Information about the eye-tracking tool

Eye tracking is a method of recording the movement and intensity of the gaze when the person watches something. In advertising and attention capturing, eye-tracking can identify hot areas where the gaze stops, the person’s interests.

Murmur Ads use this technology in order to assess the visual efficiency of the display to get maximum audience attention where there are many other rival information and attention seekers.

Indentifying consumer’s interests via eye-tracking

It is now easy to study via eye tracking how a consumer “interacts” with advertising solicitations on different screens such as laptops, screens, or mobile devices. This will be of help in improving consumer loyalty to a brand which is the key focus of the attention economy.

How eye-tracking helps to identify the effectiveness of your ad

Thanks to eye tracking, businesses will be able to identify:

• Fixation points: what really holds the user’s attention in your ad

• Visibility problems: what’s out of sight

• Difficulties of comprehension: that searched the user for a long time, sometimes without finding it

Murmur’s eye tracking tool in Oral-B’s advertisement

Murmur recently finished up its partnership with Oral-B on promoting the electric toothbrushes. The whole advertising campaign consists of LCD backpacks that were carried by our backpack walkers. The main element of Murmur’s backpack is the eye-tracking system, via this system Oral-B company managed to count number of people’s impressions and views towards their ad, as well as to indicate the main focus of the ad for the potential customers. The total number of LCD backpacks for Oral-B campaign was 5 and the whole marketing strategy was focused on showing this ad in front of the dental clinics located in Narimanov district and near Ganclik metro. Murmur’s approximate CPM (cost per mille -$0.06-0.22)

 Moreover, Murmur LCD backpacks indicated the main focus areas of the ad for both genders and you can learn about this specific detail here .

Collaboration In Numbers

Reach the highest highs in advertising with Murmur.

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