Murmur and P&G. Breakthrough in digital ad collaboration

Place based media is outdoor or OOH (Out Of Home Advertising) media in order to create customized advertising programs generally targeting specific consumer audiences. In our today’s article, we will discuss the powerful sides of place-based advertising and use the case study on Murmur- P&G collaboration as an example.

The strong sides of real-life place-based advertisements are:

Meaningful engagements with relevant circumstances

Consumers are more receptive to brand messaging when it deliveres in contextually relevant circumstances. For example, spirit brands in bars, recruitment ads on college campuses, luxury goods at airports etc. 

High visibility

The place based advertisements, (billboards) cannot be blocked, which means view ability is high when compared to online ads. For example, some venues, like women’s salons or aircraft cabins, have audiences ‘captive’ for hours, not minutes. This leads to more in-depth interactions between brands and consumers, and it allows for creativity with the content itself.

The usage of technology

Screens and LED backpacks, in these very real spaces can bring the best of both worlds for marketers. This includes place-based media with dynamic video capabilities, drawing the attention of both marketers and consumers. The advertising companies have brought programmatic automation allowing media companies to dynamically distribute content across these real-life digital screen networks.  Customers can conveniently buy media on a targeted scale and remotely change content based on day parts and/or external factors (e.g. weather, daytime, events).

Case study on Murmur- P&G collaboration

Murmur Inc recently has collaborated with P&G on advertising the Oral B electric toothbrushes in Baku, Azerbaijan. The main strategy of advertising consists of LED backpack walkers that carry the LED screen with OralB ad.

 Murmur’s backpack walkers’ main location is near the dental clinics. The reason of choosing this location is that the patients that are going in and out of these offices will see this ad. Later, when they will need to buy a good quality toothbrush, their visual memory automatically will help them make a decision.

 Murmur’s backpack connected to the live-map, where a customer will be able to see the live outcomes from the advertisement strategy. Murmur also help its partners to accurately analyze the features of potential customers based on audience’s household income, expense, occupation.

If you want your advertising campaign to succeed as never before, you’re on the right path, contact Murmur’s team now. For more information:

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