Murmur’s Series: How important the location tracking in billboard advertising?

Our today’s topic is the location-based advertising with the focus on case-studies by Murmur.


Case study #1:

The first of our location marketing examples is for the local coffee shop. The company wanted to use insights from customers’ real-world behavior to encourage more people who might want to visit the store. Our audience and visitation data helped to identify people who had recently visited the coffee shop, or were close enough to it or its competitors. Additionally, we added to the newly-created list called “Coffee Lovers”, people who had visited popular outdoor activities and other coffee shops in the. And we wrapped up our marketing strategy by creating a mobile landing page with relevant written and video copy. The people in that audience who were near to the coffee shop saw this file.

The results:

a) Coffee shop’s daily ads were reaching 2000 targeted people.

b) Murmur’s report was showing what is age, gender, geo-location, car make, and model of their target audience, and allowed him to create retargeting digital ads on Facebook and Google.

c) Murmur increased weekly calls by 35% percent.

d) Daily 350 people were visiting the landing page and the conversion rate was 6% daily.

Case study #2:

Customer #2 wanted to raise awareness of its “Free breakfast” campaign, and to increase customer loyalty. That’s where Murmur’s mobile location analytics came in.

First, we used Audience Targeting to identify people who regularly ate at restaurants in the area. Then Location Targeting helped us to identify people from that specific audience who were close to a Company’s or a competitor restaurant.

The results: The ad campaign was wildly successful. In-store visits increased by a whopping 25,000 people. And 12% of those visited our Customer’s restaurants within 2 weeks of seeing the promotion. The campaign also showed potential to increase customer loyalty.Additionnaly, a post-ad survey showed that those who’d seen the promotion were 138% more likely to pay a repeat visit to a Customer’s restaurant.

Why Murmur is the best choice?

So, as you were able to learn more about our location-based strategy for the advertising via above mentioned cases, we want to present the core principles of why Murmur is the best advertising innovative advertising platform for the users, in general.

First and foremost Murmur innovates location-based marketing by triggering personalized ads. That includes usage of the latest neuro-marketing tactics to combine real-time demographics, behavior, location data to personalize ads. The technology uses 1st party street-level data to measure audiences by using proprietary AI algorithms and show ads that most align with audiences’ age, gender, behavior, location, time of the day, weather, mobile device type.

Why Murmur is the best solution to run Location-based campaigns?

1-Technology combines location, demographics, behavior real-time data

2-Technology personalizes ads based on audiences, location, weather condition, time of the day.

3- Technology provides real-time campaign performance reports and analytics.

4- Neuro-marketing-based AI ad distribution to run the most successful campaigns.

If you want to learn more about the advertising tips, do not miss Murmur’s Series

If you want to learn more about the advertising tips, do not miss Murmur’s Series

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