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How Murmur Helped Local Turkish Coffee Shop To Grow and Win Competition with Local Starbucks.

Everyone loves coffee, in fact, 5M coffee cups sold daily in America. The most popular coffee is Starbucks and everyone knows about them.
If you are a small coffee shop and your neighbor is a big brand like Starbucks then your situation is so messed up.

As an SMB(Small, Medium Business) you do not have the money and resources to compete with giants. The only thing which can help you is building community corners. In America, we love supporting small businesses and we truly believe that they bring huge value to our neighborhood.

small business growth

In Chicago, a local coffee shop partnered with Murmur to bring local awareness and increase store foot traffic and help them compete with Starbucks.

After running, Murmur’s campaign shop increased daily sales from 30 coffee cups to 120 coffee cups.  Do you agree that it is significant growth?

Here are the steps which we did:

1- First we help the owner to change messaging and personalize it to different audiences.
  Because a message to a 25 years old person can not be the same as to a 45 years old person. When you personalize messaging it makes people feel connected to your business.

2- We created a couple Ad contents with personalized messages.

3- We dedicated 2 Murmur cars with dynamic contents, those cars were driving in the neighborhood and showing Ads related to the Turkish coffee shop.

4- By using Murmur`s data we found local Starbucks ‘ peak times when most people buy coffee. And now needed to target those people.

At a peak time, we were parking Murmur mobile billboards right in front of Starbucks and were showing Ads related to Turkish Coffee shops. 

People were seeing those Ads once they were entering and leaving the Starbucks store. On their way to home another Murmur cars were passing by and showing Ad #2 , which was more retargeting.

Murmur car-top billboards are smart and we use Optical AI to identify objects and serve personalized Ad content.

Another cool thing we did was that we were showing ads to people who were walking down the street holding Starbucks cups. Our displays saw the Starbucks logo and understood which content needs to be served and counted how many times this person saw Ads and duration.

Also by using Murmur`s data we found that most people after exiting the subway were buying coffee.
We parked 2 murmur cars right in front of the subway exit and showed Ads like  -” Tired from work, low  Energy? Get Coffee, Get Energy “ and store address.

As result, Murmur helped local stores to compete with Starbucks and increase daily coffee sales.

Let’s summarize and see what the owner received.

Murmur helped the owner to explore his audience on the street and understand what was going on in his area and competitors.

We gave data like competitors’ peak time, their audience, gender, age, interest, mood, where they mostly hung out.
Murmur helped the owner to target his and competitors’ audience right on the spot and who relevant ads to increase the business value proposition.

Once the campaign was over, the owner received all data attribution which he could use for further online advertising.

At Murmur we truly believe that most businesses underestimate outdoor advertising because before us it was super expensive, not intelligent, and scalable.

Murmur helps businesses to explore audiences on the street, connect & engage with them by creating real-time communication channels through smart car-top displays. We use the latest technology to provide the most sophisticated data to help to increase sales.

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