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Murmur is launching real-time market-research data.

Every marketers understands the value or market research data. All businesses spend a lot trying to understand who is their ideal customers and where they are located.
Based on that information marketers are ready to build marketing & advertising strategy.

Current industry problem is that almost all available data are outdated and does not work well if company wants to react on target audience behavior. Marketers require to have real-time market research data.

Murmur is launching StreetIQ product which allows marketers to get market research data in real-time and see where their target audience is located and what is their behavior.

With real-time market research data empowers marketing & advertising. Better you understand your audiences then better you can convert them into paying customers.

StreetIQ is the most powerful tool which shows real-time street-level data by using Vision AI +Wi-Fi payloads.
This data will shows you where your target audiences are located in real-time, how they looks like, what is their behavior.

How marketers can use StreetIQ, real-time market research data-platform.

As a marketer, you just can search target audiences by entering parameters like location, age, gender.
For example, StreetIQ will show you how many females are currently in downtown of Chicago in real-time and how they looks like and what is their behavior.

You will get data like: gender, age, locations, what they are wearing, what direction they go, what stores they passing, mobile device id.

This data will allow you better understand target audiences and learn their behavior in real-time.

StreetIQ will also help you to understand the market and learn where to launch your business.

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