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The role of real-time data analytics in behavioral marketing

Realtime analytics is the system that applies logic and computation to data to provide penetrations for making better decisions quickly. For some use cases, real-time means the analytics that completed within a few seconds or minutes after the appearance of new data.

The business to customer marketplace startup usually makes interest-only after happily engaging the demand side with the supply and completing the trade. Murmur is the most reliable customer data platform to bridge outdoor and digital advertising. We explore audiences on the streets with real-time street-level data and link them through intelligent digital car-top billboards. We are helping to engage with a large audience in real-time and collect data in exchange for prizes and discounts. After that, with the help of dynamic online Ads, we retarget them. Our data helps you to create and deliver ads that align with user behavior.

How to Enhance profit with your data?

We help people to increase the profit in their businesses by providing them with the best customer data platform with real-time data for marketing research and behaviour marketing. We help them to connect with the audience in real-time by showing their business ads to them. Our organization guides people like:

If you have a small or medium business, then you can also now reach a large audience:

If you do not have the money and resources to compete with giants, then you can now promote your business with a small investment with us. It includes some steps and marketing strategies.
These are like:

  • The first step needs to do is change messaging and personalize it to different audiences. When you personalize your messaging, then it feels comfortable for audiences to connect with your business. 
  • Secondly, we create ads with your personalized messaging to make connections with a large audience. When people see the ads, a curiosity will generate within them to connect with your business and try out your services.

  • The next step is to apply to Murmur cars with dynamic content to make the attraction of people. Those cars were running in your neighborhood and showing Ads related to your small or medium business to show your presence in the market.
  • In the fourth step, we retarget the customers with ads. The strategy says when people buy products from your competitor or leaving that place after purchase, a Murmur car will showing your advertisement in front of your competitor’s shop to make attention of people.

After that, when the customer leads to the home, the second Murmur car will show your second Ad, which is the more retargeting thing for your business. Our data and taglines will help to take your small or medium stores ahead in the competition.  To collect data from competitors and create the most sophisticated data report, we use AI software to making our work easy. Our marketing strategies will help you to take your business to a peak in the competition.

Our all marketing strategies are created through Real-Time Analytics and target a real audience. Try out our best services to be successful in the business.     


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