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Jiobit, Kid`s GPS Tracker | Marketing & Advertising Research.

In today’s series, we will study Jiobit`s current digital marketing and advertising strategies, Ad performance.
For this marketing study, we will use tools like Semrush, SimilarWeb, Surferseo, Facebook Ad Library, Algopix.

** Disclaimer: This study is not exact,legal marketing research requested by Jiobit, and all data, results are based on assumptions and research. This study has not to be conducted to hurt Jiobit as a brand. Also, this study's results might be far from the actual ad performance and marketing expenses.
The goal of this research was to learn how Murmur can help GPS tracker companies, like Jiobit, to grow.

** This study is the not official marketing or advertising research.

Introduction: Who, or What is Jiobit?

Jiobit is Chicago based startup, which provides the most durable, waterproof, long-lasting, always-on location monitor. It is a small, wearable GPS tracker. I personally love this company and use their kid’s tracker.

Jiobit`s Target Audiences.

According to Jiobit, their target audiences are families who have kids, dogs, adults & seniors who need special care.
And all marketing strategies will be around the circle of interests of this audience. Let’s segment the target audience and analyze the kids, pets audience.

Let’s assume that Kid audiences will be: Young Busy parents between ages 28-40, with 2-3 kids in the family. The family lives close to the city and there is always a danger to lose a kid. Kids love outdoor activities and often go to play on playgrounds.
Pet audience: Your working people between ages 22-35, who are dog parents, living in the city, and walking with dogs in parks.

Based on our target audience assumption lets create current marketing & advertising strategy.

Jiobit- GPS Tracker: Marketing & Advertising Analysis

The first tool which we are using is Spyfu, which is a competitor keyword research tool, to analyze google Ad words, SEO overview. I like Spyfu because for my it is the best keyword research tool. Let`s see who paid keywords Jiobit has.
According to Spyfu:

Jiobit GPS Trackers Marketing Report from Spyfu

As we see Jiobit has 369 paid keywords and roughly Google Adwords cost them $3000. Also, Spyfu shows us top pages, paid keywords, estimated monthly clicks. We can use Google Ad Planner to understand how much each keyword costs.

Let’s see what Google Keyword Planner shows us, and how much will cost paid keywords for Jiobit.

search engine marketing

Jiobit: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Library shows that Jiobit is running 37 ads.

facebook ad library

Let`s assume that per each ad Jiobit has a budget of $100 /month then in total they are spending another $3700 a month for Facebook ads.

Jiobit: Amazon Store Analytics

Algopix Report

As we see Jiobit has good margins, and including the cost of manufacturing the device, we can assume that company revenue per sales is around $60-100 per device.

Algopix Product Sales Performance:

jiobit amazon GPS tracker
Jiobit amazon

Speaking of Google and Facebook advertising, I am not sure that platforms deliver ads exactly to target audiences.
Because I and my wife are Jiobit customers, but still see in google and facebooks Ads. And I am assuming that there are thousands of such people like us.

For Jiobit it means that they spent more on paid advertising and getting poor ad distribution.

For example, Jiobit can do real-time targeting people who are playing with kids on the playground or walking with a dog.
Because that moment ads most aligned with person behavior and people are less resistant to ads.
Facebook and Google are not capable of delivering such hyper localized ad targeting.

Mobile Billboards can help GPS Tracking companies like Jiobit to deliver real-time targeted ads.

Murmur provides businesses real-time street-level data, and show where their target audiences are located, connects with tagged audiences via smart car-top displays which shows personalized ads.

Real-time data will show Jiobit where their target audiences are located for example people in parks with dogs, kids. Then Jiobit can create Ad and Murmur will show that ad right in front of people in parks. Murmur cars will park nearby park and show to visitors personalized Ads. Murmur is using Vision AI to personalize Ads, for example, if a person with a dog passes by Murmur car then the display will show Jiobit Per Tracker Ad, if a person with a Kid passes by Murmur car then the display will show Jiobit Kids Tracker.

Jiobit marketing team by using the Murmur CDP app can check ad performance in real-time and receive campaign reports and data attribution.

The marketing Team knows exactly that Murmur delivers their Ads to targeted people and those ads aligned with their behavior. Most Ads matters to people when they show up at the right time & location.

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