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Murmur Helped Life Insurance Agent to Generate More Leads and Grow Sales by 22% Monthly.

Ruslan is a life insurance agent and reached out to Murmur to help him with advertising and generating less for his business.
In the past few weeks, we helped Ruslan`s business to stand out and reach more customers by targeting them based on actions.

Before launching the campaign we did research and found that people think about life insurance when seen, heard, experienced some unpleasant life-changing situations.

Also, it is well-known fact that people who are speeding on roads, especially on highways are in the risk zone and more likely to buy life insurance.

Murmur`s Marketing Strategy for Life Insurance Agent

Since Murmur mobile digital billboards are capable of measuring vehicle speed, we decided to consider speed as a trigger to target drivers and show them Ads related to Life Insurance.

Our historical and real-time data and research also showed that :

  • The average number of people per day that receive a speeding ticket – 112,000.
  • The total annual number of people who receive speeding tickets – 41,000,000.

It is officially recorded data across the US and our real-time data showed that in Chicago around 20,000 are speeding.
Life insurance agents now can target such drivers right at the speeding event and how them Ad related to insurance.
For example, Ruslans the ad was telling: "Speeding is Dangerous, Think about family. Life Insurance Cant Wait? Call Ruslan Now!"

We launched an Ad campaign and were showing every time when our mobile billboards were detecting that driver was speeding. By showing ads and aligning them to a person`s behaviors increases the chance that person will memorize and follow “Call to Action”

How Murmur Helped to generate more Life Insurance Leads

  • Ruslan subscribed to a medium advertising package and daily his ads were reaching 2000 targeted people.
  • Also, our report was showing what is age, gender, geo-location, car make, and model of his target audience, and allowed him to create retargeting digital ads on Facebook and Google.
  • Murmur increased weekly calls by 35% percent.
  • Daily 350 people were visiting the landing page and the conversion rate was 6% daily.
  • Running Life Insurance Ads on Murmur cars Ruslan increased his brand awareness in Chicago and increased monthly sales by 22%.

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