Vital Role Of OpenAI In Digital Marketing World. A New Competitor- Persona AI?

As many of you can notice that AI tools like chat gpt, openai chat and other tools dominated the newsfeed of marketers since November 2022. But, there is a quite interesting question in terms of marketing and it sounds like ‘ How can these tools help marketers to build a fruitful advertising strategy, let alone skyrocket the business.

We, as Murmur team, believe that this is just the start of a big shift in how we can implement digital marketing strategies across many channels. For example, using openai text generator will make many more use cases come out of the woodwork with further experimentation and technology overlays. With this exact thought, we’ve decided to launch our very own AI-based tool that will help brands to build a giant and long-lasting marketing strategy.

But,lets skip to the practical part. In our today’s blog post we shall indicate the most useful tools of open ai, as well as introduce to our readers Murmur’s PersonaAI tool.

Let’s start with useful tools:

1. Key words automatically generated

By using chat gpt tool, the users can generate the key words for their content. In Persona AI, we have narrowed down this specific feature to the marketing needs (openai text generator).

  • By using the testing version of Persona AI, marketers can use automatically generated keywords on their request.

For example, the retail media buying team can use Persona AI for the above mentioned purpose. A question to our artificial specialist might use ”Populate 10 non-branded keywords for an retail company campaign, related to the product “YOUR PRODUCT NAME”.

Murmur team suggests to not stop there, as it will be quite productive to ask the AI to get more specific, more detailed, or even widen the parameters. For example, notify the tool with such orders as “Make them shorter,” or “Use more technical words,”.This and other phrases can net more results and more relevant results.

By using AI-based text generator tool for this specific stage, brand owners, as well as marketers can make the keyword research stage much more efficient, and ensure that it does not relegated to a one-time project on a short period of time.

Important Notice: It is importantto revisit keywords periodically as consumer trends and the competitive landscape changes speedily.

2. It can create SEO-friendly Headlines

Any types of ads, deeply rely on benefit-driven headlines. And, for example , Brand Sponsored Ads, such as Amazon has some requirements for this ad type, including the copy being less than 50 characters. It can easily done by chat gpt tool.

  • Indicate the given parameters these parameters to the openai text generator, and you can get a great starting point to test new messages inside your sphere of business.

3. AI = creation of millions of new image content for your brand

While, openai uses such tool as DALL-E to create generate image content for the businesses.

Persona AI is strictly focused on creating image content for the marketing purposes of the brands. By testing this tool (openai text generator) users can generate custom images for product pages, brand storefronts, Branded Posts, and more.

The users of the PersonaAI will be able to receive the following services in a couple of minutes:

1. Lead generation:  PersonaAI helps businesses to generate personalized messages and responses to help generate leads and increase conversions.

2.  The   distribution   and   creation   of   the   Content   Calendar:  PersonaAI helps companies to create social media posts and schedule posting.

3. Developing Marketing Plan:  Users can receive tailored step by step marketing plan by PersonaAI

4. Smart Setting of the Paid Ad for digital marketing needs of the companies– The opportunity of running A/B testing of Ad headlines and descriptions.

5.  Specific   Feature–   The   ability   of   PersonaAI   to   visualize  Ideal  Customer Persona for any company.

The open ai’s DALL-E tool can create something you might not have thought of with further edits by the team. Although, one of the limitations of this tool is that the AI is most effective at representing items and concepts that already existed or widely represented on the internet.

While open ai is more focused on generating images, Murmur’s Persona AI also focused on the practical side of it, such as Content Calendar.

Murmur team suggests brands to schedule all the social media posts, as well as to make edits ,whenever needed. And Persona AI’s Content Calendar can be a perfect choice to it.

  • Useful tip: Try to use such variations of the requests as : “Merge these 3 images to create a single hero image that is 3,000 px by 1,500 px” or “Show a single unit of [X product] next to a case pack,” or “Make a variation of this image for (indicate the name)Branded Posts”.

4. Chat gpt tool for the Product Content

In order to lead in trends or market differentiators, it is a must nowadays to use AI (open ai ) as an entry point for product content.

Here are the following approaches, that Murmur team suggests to follow order to  create an outstanding content for your brand

  1. Ask AI (openai text generator) for trends in the product category of your brand
  2. Cue up the AI to expand on the most relevant points. Useful query to ask: “What are some growing trends inside the YOUR PRODUCT CATEGORY market.”
  3. Analyze the competitors’ weaknesses of your competitors via AI. For example, use a process to export competitor’s reviews from other platforms, let the AI summarize the negative reviews, and after that ask the AI to take negative reviews and create benefit statements for each negative.

By doing that, the pain points of your competitors can be used on your own product listing, to address the concerns of customers who are shopping around in your category. Also, you can use this strategy in reverse.

For instance, by taking positive reviews to develop copy that addresses product attributes that your customers love.

4. Try to use the various copywriting frameworks that chat gpt has knowledge of, to organize the key marketing messages.

  • Murmur team suggests to ask the AI to generate content that uses such message template as ‘Attention-Interest-Desire-Action’ framework, the ‘Before-After-Bridge’, or the ‘Problem-Agitate-Solve’ framework

5. Take into Consideration the Little Cons of AI

There is a huge risk with relying too much on AI (open ai) driven content. The simple answer to it is that everything will start to look and feel the same. For example, If all cat food brands decide to use the same query to generate headlines for their marketing campaigns(in chat), there is a high possibility that they may all start using the same copy for those ads.

And here, the market can face the situation where a lot of product and brand content sounds the same, repeating the same trends and customer use cases. Which eventually will lead to the situation where brands are not able to differ their own company from its competitors

But, AI in marketing is a direct way to stand out from the crowd, so brands will need to consider AI (open ai chat) as a tool in their strategy and let their employees to use it as broadly as possible.

Do you want to use some of the marketing strategies seen here on MurmurAds’s site but need some help or advice? Today is the day when your business will start growing second by second! Murmur provides services of car-top, back-pack and social media advertising for its customers. Among are clients are private companies, small and medium sized businesses and individuals. Check out our website here. Start today and generate perfect and visible results from the ad’s campaign for your business!

About Murmur’s Advertising Tools:

Carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why start to advertise your tv show or online content by using Murmur’s innovative tools. Your ad will not only displayed on the billboards, potential customers will be able to see it on the LCD backpacks, holograms, table top screens, delivery bags and car-tops all around the city. Moreover, by using our Street IQ Platform, you customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you.

Hype IQ – is a platform focused on creating a buzz around the product or service the clients provide. The concept of the platform consists of the following steps:

1. Clients confirm the plan by indicating general information about their marketing


2. Murmur’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) system uses the most modern marketing

tactics for the quick buzzing effect around the brand

Murmur Table Top Screens

As mentioned above Murmur Table Top Displays can show: the menu via QR code, charge the phone, as well as show various ads. Additionally, our displays can be used for loyalty purposes, if the restaurant’s customers have bonus cards.

Also soon Murmur Table Top Screens will be able to function with a button. It informs the waiters to take the order without customers waiting and calling for them. The pandemic turns people to be more health-conscious. So, in order to avoid having physical contact with anyone outside their households as much as possible, our screens soon have a scan function for the QR code to settle customers’ payments.


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