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It is quite a difficult task to imagine the mindset of customers who are satisfied with a business. So, if the customer satisfaction was a negative moment, certain emotions come to the forefront, which can be- frustration, disappointment, as well as disrespect. 

Such emotional outbursts can directly affect the sales and performance phase of the brand’s product development.

In order to establish research data for further development of customer satisfaction process, brands need to focus on survey-based user insights. And it’s the time to use online customer satisfaction survey.

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the best ways to maintain a constant dialogue with the customer and listen to what they want to say.

In basic words, it is a a questionnaire comprising specifically designed questions that help brands understand the customers’ perception of their products/services, and customer support in a better manner.

Today, we are going to talk about the reasons for using survey-based user insights (via online surveys), and point out why a new era online survey platform InsightsIQ is the best choice for that.

And here are the reasons:

#1. Proactive Nature of Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • One of the best ways to achieve customer expectation is to directly exceed the expectations that even the customer didn’t know they have yet.

So, the best for of customer satisfaction process is not to wait for customers to bring an issue themselves to get it resolved.

But to reach out directly to the customers proactively to offer solutions related to products, innovations, upgrades that provide valuable insights to the product development.

So, in this case, survey-based user insights (received by the online surveys) play a proactive role.

This type of surveys allows brands and organizations to reach their customers much before they share their customer satisfaction experiences with the outer world.

Murmur team suggests companies to generalize the results to the rest of the customers to bring about improvements/changes for better.

#2. Online Surveys Build a Strong Connection with the Customers

Your customers can be available anywhere, and all they want is to be heard.

So , in order to increase customer satisfaction level, brands communicate with its customers in their preferred mode, be it via an app, chat or messaging.

After brands have received survey-based user insights, they take ownership and resolve them in the way that it never occurs again. So, it is a surefire way to build an emotional connection with them based on empathy, understanding, and action.

#3. Survey Insights Make Your Brand Unique On the Market

  • Customers turn to more loyal to a brand if their one or more than one differential needs are met.

And ,in order to analyze user research, survey-based user insights give companies statistics on these loyal customers who can turn into brand advocates.

Useful tip: While creating survey questions make sure adding such precise questions like:

  1. What do you like most in the product?
  2. Which feature in the product adds value to your purchase?
  3. Why did you prefer our brand over others?

#4. Surveys Measure Positive Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Nowadays customers, in many cases, will never tell you first they are happy or unhappy with the customer satisfaction. In today’s digital age, they prefer going online and posting comments about their user research for others to see and learn and avoid mistakes.

  • By using Insights IQ online survey, brands get the numbers on satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

By that, brands can divide those who satisfied: and build for themselves sense of positivity and confidence. And who dissatisfied (or who have complaints): brands can focus on solving the specific negative experience.

#5. Surveys Detect Areas of Improvement for the Product

Online customer satisfaction surveys give businesses the opportunity of survey-based user insights with prospects and customers.

For example, by using ‘interview’ feature via Insights IQ can interact with customers, who found the product/services mediocre or poor. And by conducting ‘concept testing’- you can test your new product by making a free-offer to your target customers in order to know the strong and weak sides of the product before the release.

Murmur team suggests using the following concept of the questions for product development

  1. How would you rate our customer services for product development?
  2. How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our products?
  3. Was our website easy to navigate?

By using these sample questions, companies uncover a variety of areas the customer finds unsatisfactory. So, with that, they can then make changes before the feedback takes a toll on the company’s reputation.

#6. Online Surveys = Faster Results

  • Comparing to other online survey platforms, Insights IQ is the most time-friendly platform in the market.

The time span needed to complete Insights IQ surveys online is on average two-thirds shorter than traditional research methods.

For example, survey-based user insights is being gathered automatically, you don’t wait for paper questionnaires to come back – response time about customer satisfaction is almost instant. Plus, the format of questions varies from the long to the short ones.

Useful tip: Online marketing experts say that more than half of responses are received within the first three days of the research project.

#7. Insights IQ – is more affordable survey tool with greatest analytics

Companies conduct the most affordable marketing research on customer satisfaction and product development by using Insights IQ online survey app.

  • For example: In order to conduct an online survey with 500 respondents, companies can spend between$100-150.

Brands will save money on postage and you don’t allocate time and resources to enter the information into a database. So, responses are processed automatically and the results will accessible at any time.

#8.The most accurate data for the research

As participants enter their responses directly into the system, the margin of error is greatly reduced with Insights IQ online. In order to reduce naturally human error that can happen when dealing with high amount of data on customer satisfaction and product development, Murmur team automates the whole process of conducting online surveys, interview or testing.Conducting online interviews, concept testing of the product before the release or creating the fastest surveys with the most accurate data in one place. Sounds surreal? Not, anymore! Via Insights IQ, get ready to boost your brand in the market in no time.

Show your competitors the Marketing Uniqueness with Insights IQ

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