A Must-to See Mobile Marketing Trends in 2023! Practical tips Here

People around the world cannot imagine their lives without mobile phones that have become an indispensable part of today’s digital lifestyle. Taking into consideration the network speeds and coverage gradually increasing, the use of mobile tools will only continue to grow exponentially in the up-coming years.

So, that’s why, it is very important for a company to have a solid strategy, and by that, we mean to choose mobile marketing that will make your business grow in 2023.

In our today’s blog, Murmur team will guide you to the world of mobile marketing trends 2023, so that you can choose the best mobile marketing future for your company.

So, let’s start with the most viral mobile marketing trends 2023.

Short Video = Success

One of the most useful mobile marketing trends 2023 is definitely keeping the video content short and snappy.

The viral nature of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts shows users want fast-paced, easy-to-digest content from their favorite brands and companies.

Murmur team suggests brands to create micro-stories that give them the chance to connect with their customers where they’re already spending time and increase reach through punchy and viral weekly content.

Important Notice: Keep in mind the trick for your mobile marketing future strategy- the First 3 Seconds– your Brand will need to hook viewers inside the first three seconds of the video.

  • Case Example #1: The catchy content for the gym page in Tiktok is a healthy mix of entertaining gym content, workout tips, and user-generated video that are all short and sweet clips.

It’s a Showtime for Micro-Influencers

The Influencer marketing has been the talk of the town for years and seems to be like that for the up-coming years. Due to the fact that creators—YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers—have gained a status equal to celebrities from more traditional mediums like television and film, it’s a no-brainer that they’re the one of the key elements of the mobile marketing trends 2023.

Fun fact: Micro-influencers are the content creators with around 100,000 followers or less. The reason why they’re so important for your mobile marketing future is that while big-name influencers charge upward of $10,000 per post, micro-influencers generally cost much less: a few hundred dollars to nothing (you can replace the money with freebie of your product).

In order to help you choose the most suitable influencers for your mobile marketing strategy, you can easily set up the whole process via HypeIQ platform.

HypeIQ = 10 minutes and your business matched with the most suitable influencers for your mobile marketing campaign

By using the effect of micro-influencers, brands will build bigger communities and increase customer trust and loyalty.

  • Case Example #2: Jewelry brand with 2K followers on Instagram is promoting their products with the help of micro-influencer with 110K followers, they can offer her/him a freebie of the product or money and expect to see not only the increase in followers,but also catch the attention of the investors.

Prepare a User-Friendly Payment Option

Consumers glued to their phones more than ever—and especially Gen Z audiences that are becoming more and stronger in terms of buying capability.

It’s important to know that investing in mobile marketing 2023 and especially to the optimizing payment options will be a win-win strategy for your mobile marketing future.

Murmur team suggests brands to have floating buttons for their mobile version of their app.

  • Case Example #3: For the clothing brands or marketplaces is better to have floating Add to Bag buttons so that shoppers don’t have to keep scrolling through the whole page.

Don’t Underestimate Blogging

Blogging is surely not going anywhere anytime soon. Content marketing not only a direct source for the brand credibility and increased conversions, but it’s one of the most common ways for consumers to discover new brands.

  • According to the recent studies, 77% of people read blogs on a regular basis and 56% have purchased something from a brand after reading one or more blog posts.

For keeping track of the blogging content about mobile marketing trends 2023 for your brand,it’s necessary to have a scheduled content plan.

By using the test version of PersonaAI platform by Murmur, you will be able to get the list of topics for your content strategy generated by the Artificial Mind (based on Chat GPT) in couple of seconds.

  • Case Example #4: Many fashion brands use the blogging option for polishing mobile marketing future. By doing that, readers that find their essays, tips, and podcast episodes as part of the shopping experience can directly navigate to the website itself to see the fashion products.

Nope, Email Marketing Hasn’t Faded Away

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still on track. One of the most important key feature of email marketing for the mobile marketing trends 2023 is that it’s the only digital marketing tool that brands are totally in control of.

While social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Tiktok and others) can change on the whims of the platform providers, in email marketing brands have complete ownership over their subscriber list.

In order to set up a stable mobile marketing future for your company, you have to enhance the email marketing strategy to create powerfully unique experiences.

  • Case Example #5: By trying out abandoned cart emails and personalized product recommendation emails, brands can fully use through automated and triggered sequences.

Have You Heard Of Thumb Zone in Mobile Optimization?

Quite a new term, especially for the upcoming founders in the mobile marketing trends 2023. Thumb Zone in Mobile Optimization means that all essential interface elements should be within reach of the thumb.

  • Important Notice: The goal of Thumb Zone is to find the best option for the arrangement of elements. Basically, they must be equally accessible in all situations. Also, this specific feature is quite well-placed in website version, rather than app.

Murmur team suggests companies to have a drop-down menu and consider it for their mobile marketing future strategy. Where the button to open it placed within reach, it is closer to the upper left corner, while the drop-down part will be in the access zone.

ChatBots in the 2023 Area

Consider Chatbots based on artificial intelligence over conventional boats, whose work is based on patterns and transparent rules for your mobile marketing strategy.

Chatbots are definitely  are one of the huge mobile marketing trends 2023 for the founders. By using chatbots, brands can:

  1. Understand open customer requests,
  2. Explore new features and adapt to the current situation.
  3. “Smart” chatbots use more complex algorithms to help understand the essence of requests.

Consider Voice Assistant for Mobile Optimization

  • According to the recent studies, the voice search optimization is becoming a critical element in the mobile marketing trends 2023

This became a reality with the existence of health and safety concerns in the times of COVID-19 which heightened consumers’ interest in hands-free technology. But since, such trend indicated way before pandemic, for instance, according to the PWC’s studies in 2018,already 71% of consumers preferred using voice technology rather than typing to search for something online.

Murmur team can surely say that marketers who optimize for voice search are one step ahead in the mobile marketing game.

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Also soon Murmur Table Top Screens will be able to function with a button that informs the waiters to take the order without customers waiting and calling for them.

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