Trendyol vs. Umico – Who is E-commerce Giant in Azerbaijan?

On December 24th, Insights IQ platform delved into the dynamic world of Azerbaijani e-commerce with an engaging survey titled “Umico or Trendyol: Which e-commerce platform do customers prefer in Azerbaijan?” This online survey, conducted in Azerbaijan, gathered insights from 250 participants, shedding light on the preferences and experiences of shoppers in this vibrant market.

Platform Preference:

65% of respondents revealed that they favor Trendyol for their e-commerce needs, while a significant 40% opt for Umico.

Shopping Habits:

A substantial 70% of users admitted to engaging in online shopping sporadically, contrasting with 25% who claimed to shop monthly.

Factors Influencing Purchase:

When it comes to decision-making, 45% of users prioritize the variety of products offered on an e-commerce platform. Surprisingly, 40% focus on prices and discounts, with a mere 10% considering product reviews.

Discount Dominance:

A staggering 85% of participants declared Trendyol as the go-to platform due to its unmatched discounts, making it the most preferred e-commerce platform in the local market.

Customer Satisfaction:

Reflecting the sentiment of the majority, 85% of respondents expressed satisfaction with both Trendyol and Umico, emphasizing the positive impact of their services.

Delivery Dilemma:

Among Umico users, 75% reported a hassle-free delivery experience. However, 65% from both platforms expressed a desire for faster product deliveries, indicating an area for improvement.

The Platform’s Promise:

Amidst the survey findings, it’s worth highlighting that the Insights IQ platform enables to create and conduct their online surveys effortlessly. What’s more, participants can earn money through this intuitive platform, fostering an environment where opinions are valued and rewarded.

As the curtain falls on the Umico vs. Trendyol faceoff in Azerbaijan, it’s evident that both platforms have secured a loyal customer base. Trendyol emerges victorious, with its unbeatable discounts and customer satisfaction rates. However, the survey’s revelation of a demand for faster deliveries suggests an opportunity for improvement in the e-commerce landscape.

In a world where consumer preferences shape the market, this survey serves as a valuable guide for e-commerce platforms aiming to enhance their services. As Trendyol and Umico continue to evolve, the Insights IQ platform remains a beacon, allowing users to voice their opinions, shaping the future of online shopping in Azerbaijan.

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