7 reasons why the survey is the best tool for the employee recruitment process

There are many ways of the recruitment process: candidate Experience, recruitment survey, candidate satisfaction and etc. And what is the main factor that can affect this process? Pretty simple, survey research. The reasons for that are simple and visible: the whole recruitment process will benefit the HR employee and the entire company.

  • For example, 83% of candidates for the position state that a negative impression from the employee recruitment process can change their thinking about the company – even if the previous review was positive.

In today’s blog post, we shall find out the benefits of the survey research process for the recruitment of employees and, most importantly, how the InsightsIQ platform revolutionizes the hiring process.

#1. Cut the costs of the recruitment

If we mention the employee selection process, consists of several stages, as putting up a recruitment advertisement, using a service of a recruiter or the HR department in the process, conducting practical tests, and arranging an actual interview. And all these stages are associated with costs.  

By using a recruitment survey, the company can decrease the waster time on the selection process

By using the survey research option for the recruitment process, the company can:

  1. Gain knowledge on how to choose the most effective methods for publishing job advertisements and invest in these media or funds.
  2. Taking into notice the feedback from survey research to eliminate ineffective ways of contacting potential employees.
  3. To get to know about the work of recruiters or recruitment companies in order to make more profitable choices in the future.
  4. To find out about the reasons for the resignation of potential employees during recruitment and eliminating them, with that leading to lower costs of acquiring a new employee. 

               #2. Make the recruitment process streamline

It’s all about the good organization of the employee recruitment process. Thus, the role of HR teams and candidates is crucial.

  • The magic formula for both sides is: Recruiters want to spend less time and reduce the costs of the recruitment process, while potential employees want to go effectively through an entire process and be informed about the progress

All of this can be easily achieved by conducting survey recruitment. Via our survey research:

  1. You will quickly set up the best option for the recruitment stages, whether practical tests or interviews.
  2. The whole hiring process can quickly be done via an online survey, thus, replacing an interview process
  3. The opportunity of sending out responses to the candidates fully automatically

#3. Focus on the Candidate Experience survey

It is a well-known fact that a good quality recruitment questionnaire help in the first stage of hiring a new person in the company. But what’s more important than that is survey Candidate Experience Survey.

Murmur team suggests including the Candidate Experience survey the questions about, the clarity of the job description, working conditions, office rules, etc.

By including such questions in the recruitment survey, companies will prevent newly hired employees from feeling lost and insecure in the first few days. For instance, they will get used to new duties faster, their stress will decrease and their sense of commitment will increase, which will lead to the employee’s efficacy.

Levitate Your Business by using the Insights IQ platform

#4. Find the Perfect Match For Your Company

By using the data from Insights IQ surveys, you will be able to indicate the tips on what to include in the recruitment advertisement in order to encourage applicants whose experience, knowledge, and skills best match the company’s needs. 

Also, an easy recruitment process will help to attract the most talented candidates that will have no problem applying. By eliminating candidate experience errors, you reduce the candidate’s effort, and thus – the possibility of resignation during the recruitment and employee selection process.

#5. Focus on Creating Effective recruitment ads

Murmur’s team suggests focusing on what to include in the recruitment advertisement and how to formulate it for the success of the recruitment. 

By using a well-formulated recruitment survey, companies can ask about the issues related to the advertisement and based on that create the perfect job offers. For instance, Candidate Experience-related questions can be as the followings:

  • How do you rate the readability of the recruitment advertisement?
  • Did you find all the necessary information about your applied job in the advertisement?
  • What is your opinion that was missing from the job advertisement?
  • Have you used the ‘Apply in the ad’ feature? How would you rate it?
  • Was the information contained in the job offer understandable to you? If not, what should be improved?

#6. Try to not lose a positive brand image when making a rejection

  • In order to defend your company image from the negative feedback from the rejected candidates, you need to focus on survey research.

By conducting to Candidate Experience survey, you can quickly respond to negative feedback and get rid of errors that make the recruitment process negative. If in your case the employee selection is not or cannot be anonymous, the results of the online survey can also be used when contacting the candidate who gave the company negative feedback. In other cases, an in-depth interview and conversation during which you show interest in the problems and understanding with the potential candidate can change the negative image of the company in the candidate’s eyes.

Useful tip: Use positive feedback in order to boast your company image.

#7. Effectively monitor the recruitment process

One of the key factors of using the Candidate Experience survey for the recruitment process is the opportunity to monitor the recruitment process assessment.

Murmur team suggests conducting a recruitment survey using advanced tools such as Insights IQ, to collect all the results in one place. By using this platform, your company can:

  • filter the results  (you can divide candidates into categories, e.g. by gender, age, and department to which they apply),
  • Focus on cross tables (use them for advanced cross-analysis, e.g. highlighting the results of candidates from a specific department who were not satisfied with the employee selection process), 
  • trends (you can observe the change in satisfaction with individual stages or aspects of employee recruitment over time),
  • rankings (use them in order to compile a recruiter ranking – from best to worst rated or the departments that stand out with the most to the least satisfaction).

Conducting online interviews, concept testing of the product before the release, or creating the fastest surveys with the most accurate data in one place. Sounds surreal? Not, anymore! Via Insights IQ, get ready to boost your brand in the market in no time.

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