BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Baku city is becoming the hub of digital advertising?

In the early days of December 2023, the bustling city of Baku, Azerbaijan became the focal point of a digital advertising phenomenon. Insights IQ, a leading platform, conducted a comprehensive online interview with 250 respondents, delving into the intriguing realm of Murmur’s digital advertising via backpacks. The results paint a vivid picture of how this unconventional marketing strategy is perceived among the people of Baku.

The Buzz on the Streets: Murmur’s Backpack Ads

Visibility Breakthrough: 80% of Respondents Witnessed the Backpack Ads

The study kicked off with a staggering revelation – a whopping 80% of respondents in Baku city had encountered Murmur’s digital ads proudly displayed on backpacks. This high visibility rate indicates the efficacy of this advertising medium in catching the attention of the urban audience.

Opinions diverged when it came to assessing the impact of backpack advertising on marketing strategies. 45% of respondents believed that this unconventional approach made no significant change in marketing dynamics. In contrast, the remaining 55% perceived backpack ads as remarkably eye-catching, suggesting the potential for a paradigm shift in advertising strategies.

Memorability Factor: 65% Likely to Remember the Marketing Message

The study unveiled a positive trend as 65% of respondents expressed a likelihood to remember marketing messages displayed on Murmur’s backpacks. This hints at the effectiveness of the moving billboard concept, creating a lasting imprint on the minds of the audience.

Moving Ads Triumph: 85% Acknowledge Backpacks as a Good Promotional Tool

An overwhelming 85% of respondents voted in favor of the moving ad on backpacks, deeming it a powerful and effective promotional tool. This endorsement suggests that the dynamic nature of this advertising method resonates positively with the audience, making it a compelling avenue for brands.

Campaigning for Promos: 60% Prefer Ads About Promo Campaigns

Insights into respondent preferences revealed that 60% believe the most effective backpack ads are those promoting promotional campaigns. This insight is invaluable for advertisers looking to tailor their messages for optimal impact.

Amidst the backdrop of these compelling statistics, it becomes apparent that understanding audience sentiments is crucial for crafting effective marketing strategies. Leveraging platforms like Insights IQ empowers businesses to create online surveys that yield the most accurate data, providing a deeper understanding of consumer perspectives.

  1. Seamless Integration: Receive Daily Payments with Insights IQ
  2. Furthermore, Insights IQ not only ensures precision in data gathering but also offers a unique proposition – daily payments. This user-friendly platform provides a seamless experience for businesses and survey participants alike, streamlining the process and making it convenient for everyone involved.

Pioneering the Future of Advertising

In the dynamic landscape of advertising, Murmur’s foray into digital advertising via backpacks has leftan indelible mark on the streets of Baku. The survey conducted by Insights IQ unveils the nuanced opinions of the urban populace, shedding light on the potential and challenges of this innovative marketing approach. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving realm of advertising, platforms like Insights IQ stand as beacons, guiding them toward precision, insight, and success in the digital age.

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