Never seen before tips for advertising E-Wallets in 2023

Mobile phones become a highly competitive battleground for seeking consumer attention. Mobile wallets take its lead to help customers to establish a convenient, functional, and secure touch point.

But, in the age of digital influence, the number of mobile wallets is increasing day by day. So, it gets hard to create an advertising strategy that can really elevate the popularity of your mobile wallet app.

In our today’s blog post, we shall give you top tips on how to build an advertising strategy for the online wallet. This time this blog post will provide insights from the recent survey held by Murmur Surveys’ app. There were 178 respondents in Baku, Azerbaijan that participated in our survey.

So, let’s start with the top tips:

According to the Murmur Surveys’ app, 85% of respondents said that they are using M10 mobile wallet, while the rest is using Google Pay, only 1% is using Samsung Pay

1. Keep the Evergreen Presence of your Mobile App

Once your mobile wallet pass is saved to a mobile device it remains in the consumer’s mobile wallet. For successful advertising strategy, this means an always-on presence in the place where consumers are always connected to – their phone. So, this means, you will need to keep the icon button always fresh and eye-catching among the users. So, once a mobile wallet pass has been downloaded by your customers, you have a huge advantage over competitors.

M10 and Google Play are the most likeable mobile wallets, while Samsung Pay is the least favorite one- Source: Murmur Surveys’ app

2. Use Dynamic features for Your Mobile Wallet App

The mobile wallet pass itself should be completely dynamic. Which means all of the information on the pass can be updated at any time, as often as you desire, and in real-time. By creating such option for mobile advertising will help mobile wallet to update the content at any time to engage with your customers. 

While building advertising strategy, specialists should not focus on static marketing, but push more on interactive features. For example: By creating a loyalty program via mobile wallet app, you can keep your customers updated and drive them to act.

The most important feature of mobile wallet that 85% of respondents indicated are its user-friendly interface and usability in the stores- Source: Murmur Surveys’ app

3. Updating Mobile Wallet’s Users Matters

While you’re advertising promo action via mobile wallet app immediately update about the changes your users. With that, first of all you will inform your active users, secondly, the users will be notified about your constant functionality as well.

One of the top tips for the advertising strategy is digital tickets. Transform tickets into a dynamic mobile wallet pass where you can instantly let consumers know about unexpected changes, like a date change and etc. With that you will stand out from your competitors in the mobile advertising market.

76% of respondents said that they’ve changed their mobile wallet app from one to another, as they found more cash back programs and bonuses- Source: Murmur Surveys’ app

4. It’s All About Mobile Wallet’s Offers

For creating a successful advertising strategy for mobile wallets, ‘offer’ option is very important for the customers. A mobile wallet offer is a digital offer or coupon that can be redeemed in-store and online.

Making an offer program the most popular one by advertising it  via in-store signage, print and TV advertising to lower-cost digital channels. The importance of it is that your mobile wallet needs to have an exclusive offer opportunities that other apps cannot deliver.

For 65% of respondents, it is very important that’s stores have mobile payment systems- Source: Murmur Surveys’ app

5. Don’t Forget to Create Exclusive Loyalty Cards

A mobile wallet loyalty card is a digital version of a physical membership card. So, this specific tactic of advertising strategy will help you build a group of loyal customers. Integrate such features of your loyalty card as: points earned, progress to a new reward, and personalized loyalty-specific content. The reason for marketing this specific part of your mobile wallet is members who want to know their points balance, rewards progress, and available rewards without having to look too hard for them. 

6. Add ID Cards Options To Your Mobile Wallet

According to the Murmur Survey’s results, 50% of respondents say that one of the biggest issues with local mobile wallets is the limited number of stores accepting such payment, while the other 50% says that security measures are not that strong

By adding ID cards, your customers have access to the digital version of their business cards, proof of insurance cards, and in some states even drivers’ licenses. This feature during advertising strategy will give an opportunity to manage and service your customers more efficiently with more targeted content. 

Plus, by collecting profile and behavioral data, you can use it to notify each individual customer about the proper information and services you deliver, at the right journey stage and at the right time.

90% of respondents want to see more local mobile wallets in Azerbaijan- Source: Murmur Surveys’ app

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