Tips of Viral Marketing for the smart devices

Smart device has become a buzzword among buyers from all countries. As smart devices are developing each day, consumers are discovering the benefits of intelligent features and want to know more about them.

The smart device often has a very complicated description and the advertising tactics in this sphere does not work at all. We, on behalf of Murmur team, conducted a survey via ‘Murmur Surveys’ app to find out what people think about smart devices.

We conducted online surveys among 900 people in Azerbaijan. The process lasted for a week. And we got very helpful insights that cannot wait to share.

In our today’s blog post, we shall give you tips for viral marketing of smart devices based on the feedback from the survey.

1. Education for Buyers (Hire an agent)

About 89% of respondents said that they own at least one smart device at home- Source: Murmur Survey’s app

The best way to educate your potential clients about smart device is hiring an agent. As smart devices become increasingly popular, knowledgeable agents will need to sell them. By employing an agent your company get closer to the viral marketing. Potential clients will get information about what they can get and the benefits of buying your smart device. Here’s the 1st tip to promoting smart home devices.

2. Be Interactive with Customers

We are planning to buy a smart device in the near future – the answer from about 87%  of respondents- Source: Murmur Survey’s app

Besides hiring an agent, it is a crucial moment to establish a proper interaction with them online. One of the elements of viral marketing can be an online bots, that will help them find information about smart device on the website, comment on a news story, and more. Such connection shall be as easy as asking for the phone number and email address. With that, combining 1st and 2nd tip you can get a clear look at the advertising strategy.

3. Add Personalized Approach in Social Media Posts

58% of respondents mentioned that they own a smart TV, while 30% mentioned smart kitchen devices- Source: Murmur Survey’s app

Taking a personalized approach for your smart device company’s social media presence is very important. As people become more familiar with this technology, they will want to see certain features, or at least, hear or expect them. For viral marketing strategy try highlight these features in all marketing materials. A useful step to it can be researching what the buyers can’t wait to have and find a smart device that offers it.

4. Advertise Devices that Brings Comfort First

For 65% of respondents, the main reason to buy a smart device, is the feeling of comfort, for 30% -feeling of security, and for the rest is the integration to other smart devices at home- Source: Murmur Survey’s app

Among top tips for smart devices set to provide the ultimate level of comfort for homeowners. This specific feature attracts potential customers all around the social media. So with this trait, it is important use for viral marketing smart devices. Murmur team suggests firstly advertising smart device that brings comfort. For example, smart thermostats, cameras.

5. Visualize Smart devices via videos

The most popular smart device companies in Azerbaijan according to the answers of 87% of respondents are LG and Phillips- Source: Murmur Survey’s app

Number one rule for viral marketing is showing, but not telling potential buyers about the features of the smart device. First of all, take a video of how to use these features and the benefits they offer consumers. When possible buyers see these innovative features in action, they want to learn more. And this will boost your social media traffic. In the future, these potential clients become leads for the agents (mentioned in the first tip) who wait out the market. Start your advertising strategy from Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Murmur team’s recommendation is to set up live streams and show the smart devices to everyone.

6. Use a Hands-On Experience

50% of respondents want to see more international smart device brands in the market, while the other 50%- want to see more local smart device brands-Source: Murmur Survey’s app

Using the video strategy is a good way to start your viral marketing strategy. But adding a hands-on experience efforts up it to the next level. Show the features of smart device in-person. For example, conduct a giveaway of hands-on experience with one of the smart devices at home to the most loyal followers. Building such familiarity for your brand generates more interest in these innovative properties.

7. Focus on ‘Look to the Future’ theme

90% of respondents said that it’s very important for them to support local market in the smart devices sphere

Focus on encouraging buyers to leave the old locks, appliances, and devices behind. The main trend should be your smart devices brand. Smart technology is the wave of the future. Try to target potential clients with recognizable ads. Such viral marketing tip will help you in making a long-lasting impression on your customer’s mind. For example, besides a good quality of video, there should be an eye-catching text and music component. Use both long and short type of videos.

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