Top Tips on How to Advertise Your Gaming Zones in 2023

Marketing can be a tough game for gaming zones if they fail to understand their target audiences and their interest. As during the recent 5 years, gaming industry has been growing rapidly, so the demand for the gaming centers is at its peak.

We, as Murmur team, realized that the detailed information in the gaming industry is very much needed. So, last month, we conducted an online survey via Insights IQ platform on how visitors (gamers) want to see the gaming zones. There were 733 participants in this survey in Azerbaijan. We gathered all the necessary data within 5 days.

Good marketing strategies by brands with the gaming zones help to position themselves competitively in the gaming industry and achieve business goals. In this blog post, we shall indicate the top tips for creating a bombing marketing strategy for your gaming zone in 2023. Also, we share all the data from the recent survey on this topic.

1.Indicate Target Audience For Gaming Zones

According the Murmur Survey’s data, 85% of people living in Baku play video games once a day.

Digital marketing only works when you know who your target customers are. And especially in ever-changing gaming industry, your target audience is the major contributors to your gaming space. For example, there are two types of gamersone is the lay gamers and the other is hardcore gamers. So, try to make your gaming center attractive to both of them. Here’s your first advertising tip.

2.Build Up Gaming Community On Social Media

45% of respondents in Azerbaijan prefer to play adventurous games, while the other 45%- shooting games- Source: Insights IQ platform

As a gaming zone brand, you need to build a strong and powerful online community. And it’s not only about the numbers, but mostly about loyalty and support. Try to engage with larger audiences and take care of their needs.

Start this process by replying to their messages, share new content, share new posts that suit their interest about your gaming zone. Try to stuck in their minds with your logo and content. And this is your second advertising tip

3. Try to Divide Consoles That Your Customers Prefer

  • About 56% of gamers in Azerbaijan spend 105 hours per week on playing video games- Source: Insights IQ platform

As audience in the gaming industry can vary, your gaming zone brand needs to keep up with the trends. So, as a Gaming Center brand, do not think of all gamers as one. Separate each console into a different group and try to understand them.

For example, in Azerbaijan, many people prefer to play adventure and shooting games. So, you need to focus on bringing more games in these directions to the market. For instance, Xbox focuses on action, shooters, etc. So, it’s best at fostering competitive communities as compared to PS4’s controller. So, this advertising tip can really boost up your marketing strategy

4. Create Attractive Giveaways

  • About 75% of respondents in Azerbaijan prefer to play games on mobile phones, while 25% of them via Xbox and PlayStation-Source: Insights IQ platform

Giveaways always attract more customers in every niche. In gaming industry, demos and attractive giveaways always entice people to experience your game and also share it with others. With that you are expanding your online community.

Again, your brand’s social media pages play an incredibly important role. Try to attract not only aspiring gamers, but also popular streamers in order to increase visibility and popularity among the target audiences.

So, find yourself on the top of the gaming industry by offering some attractive gifts along with some discounts. 

5. Don’t Ignore Using Social Media Advertising


According the Insights IQ’s data, 45% of respondents in Azerbaijan play video games for fun, while 35%- in order to battle with stress. Only 2% of respondents mentioned that they don’t like video games at all.

Another important aspect for effectively marketing campaign for your gaming zone brand is to keep a note of your digital ad campaigns. Try to use ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram. It not only increases the number of gaming communities, but also helps to increase your sales in an incredible manner. Focus on mixing the digital and outdoor advertising tactics. And it’s another advertising tip for your gaming center.

6.Gather Feedbacks!

85% of respondents in Azerbaijan do not pay at all for playing video games, while the rest spends less than 10AZN on games- Source: Insights IQ platform


Feedback is very important in the gaming industry. While for the game creators it plays the most significant role, for the owners of the gaming zones it is also crucial element. Feedback helps your potential customers to gain trust in your gaming center, and it leads to making your brand more popular. So, whenever people see a positive review,especially in the local areas, it always attract more customers to purchase from you.

7. Distinct Your Gaming Brand with Customer Support

  • 70% of gamers in Azerbaijan prefer to play multiplayer video games- Source: Insights IQ platform

Make your gaming center unique in the area by offering customer support. Hire people that will quickly solve technical issues reported by customers. On the gaming zone’s website, try to set up a quick interaction with customer support. Most of all, never direct your followers to the FAQ section unless you want to lose them. 

Conducting online interviews, concept testing of the product before the release or creating the fastest surveys with the most accurate data in one place. Sounds surreal? Not, anymore! Via Insights IQ, get ready to boost your brand in the market in no time.

Show your competitors the Marketing Uniqueness with Insights IQ

  • Set up the most accurate online survey via Insights IQ platform and get ready to receive reviews from the targeted audience

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