Pros And Cons Of Ad Blockers In the Marketing World.

Everyone today has an opinion about online ads. While some people don’t mind it, most of them try to block it as much as possible as they are annoyed.

In our case, as we are advertising company, we see the need for businesses and content creators to hit their bottom line, but as online content consumers, we also see a lot of annoying ads in the marketing world.

So, in order to see the opinions about ad blockers among citizens, we decided to conduct an online survey via Insights IQ app for citizens of Azerbaijan. The process of surveying has been very smooth, as we managed to gather more than 733 people in just 2 days.

The results really impressed us, so we decided to take the unbiased part in this blog post and to indicate the pros, as well as cons of using Ad blockers and show what Azerbaijani citizens think about it.

Let’s start with the Pros.

Ad Blocker Makes Sure You Have A Better Online Experience

According to the Insights IQ’ recent survey, 421 users said that they are using Ad blockers, while 357 users do not use them at all.

Marketers always talk about giving the best experience for consumers. But with the dozens of useless ads they place on a web page, especially on popular social platforms, they are instead discouraging visitors. As these types of ads just eat up wireless data and slow download times. Now, with an ad blocker installed, things will speed up to give people a better online experience. So, here’s the first pro.

Ad Blocker Takes Into Focus Malware Concerns

Insights IQ’s recent survey: 60% of users said that they are using ad blockers to get rid of annoying ads popping out on their feed.

As malicious software can infect a computer system through the delivery of an ad, it’s important for internet users to block it. Over the years, marketing networks have been infiltrated by hackers who manipulate ads to spread malware. As the ads were served, multiple times, through a host of web pages, the attackers could do damage to a victim’s computers in minutes. With an ad blocker, though, people can prevent this situation from happening to them. And this is the next pro point for using ad blockers.

With Ad Blockers, Users Can Prevent Themselves From Falling For Fraudulent Advertising Tactics

  • ‘90% of respondents state that they always see ads on their newsfeed-Source: Insights IQ

As many ads produce loud volumes, sketchy metrics, and misleading marketing messages, ad blockers come to help. All these things are done just to improve the online marketing impression for certain advertising agencies. And here’s the third, ad blocking will help users side-step these schemes.

Ad Blockers Are the Ones That Inspires Advertisers To Use Innovative ways to integrate ads into websites

  • According to Insights IQ’s recent survey, 85% of respondents in Azerbaijan think that ads keep on interfering with our lives more and more

As the number of people using ad blockers is rising, marketing specialists come up with new ways to use ads on the Internet. They focus on doing it in a seamless way to eliminate your fear of traditional ads that can destroy people’s online experience. For instance, they should try to combine ads naturally with content. And it’s the last pro point, we could think of.

But, What About the Cons?

Warning: Ad Blockers Can Risk Users Browsing Data Privacy

Answering to the question ‘Do you want to see less ads or less targeted ads’,75% of respondents in Azerbaijan preferred to see less ads-Source: Insights IQ

It’s important to check which ad blocker you are using, as you do with VPNs. As some ad blockers send your browsing behavior to a third-party server that pays them for information. So, it means that they can track every single page that the user visits. So, here’s the first con point.

Ad Blocker Can Cause Web Pages To Break

90% of responders think that ad blockers negatively affect the online publishers- Source: Insights IQ

Ad blockers not only block ads on a web page but might also hamper its page scripts. And this specific move affects the functionality of the marketing ad and causes a bad browsing experience for you. So, most likely, users might see some chunks missing on the screen or even an error message.

Ad Blockers Create A Mess For Website Analytics

  • 95% of internet users in Azerbaijan think that in the near future, the number of people using ad blockers will increase rapidly- Insights IQ

Marketing specialists know that ad blockers can block analytics scripts, which poses a problem for websites in collecting visitor behavior data. For instance, any visitor to your site who has installed a script blocker on his/her browser will appear invisible in your analytics. So, this specific detail can cause a major failure in calculating the results of marketing strategy.

Internet Users Can Miss Out On Good Quality Content

Marketing specialists focus on creating quality content for you as a reader and end-user because advertising is a very important source of revenue for online content creators and publishers. By using ad blockers, they will be affected financially, so it will lead them to create poor-quality content as they would not have the resources to produce good ones.

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