The Focus of the Week: The Role of OOH in Movie Advertising. Is It Worth it?

We think that cozying up on the couch and binge watching the latest TV series is all anyone’s been doing on their weekends lately. People’s media habits around the world have become limited to online activities and watching television.

As more people prefer to watch movies by subscribing to the streaming services, it became vital for the entertainment industry to seek out different mediums of advertisements in order to promote their films and shows to a large audience.

 In our today’s blog post, we shall discuss the power of OOH (Out-of-home) advertising and how MurmurAds can effectively promote the movie releases via LCD backpacks.

Attention Comes First

With the abundance of available shows and films, it’s hard to tell which will be a success and which will be a flop. But, when audience come across an OOH ad, it’s a way to let them know that, “Well, this show (or movie) is good enough to be up on this billboard, so chances are it will be worth your while”.So,by putting the up-coming movie posters/trailers on Murmur’s LCD Backpacks, the creators will be able to reach thousands of viewers just in a day.

Trying A/B Testing

Although there is high demand for good content, competition between studios is fierce and standing out from the crowd can require nearly as much creativity as producing the media itself. By promoting movies on Murmur’s screen, the production teams and cinemas are able to try different versions of the movies’ posters. This can be easily done via Murmur’s Ad Creator platform. By using this A/B testing, the clients are able to see what type of poster catch more attention.

Building Brand For The Movie

While movie studios’ main goal is to gain big returns at the box office, it doesn’t end there. So,it’s important that studios build a ‘brand’ for a film in order to take advantage of this profit margin. MurmurAds can help the production teams with that. So,we can use along with the LCD backpacks, also holograms, table top screens that will be showing the movie poster not only on the streets, but also in restaurants, cafes, public places. And, by the time of movie release, approximately half of the tickets for the premiere will be already sold.

Advertise Movie Release Via Delivery Bags

At a time when people order food, a great use of traditional OOH media comes to mind –Advertising on Delivery Bags. Via Murmur’s customized delivery bags, the movie posters/teasers will reach every neighborhood. And,what gives this type of advertising added value is that people are not only seeing the poster, but can watch the video with the audio.

Boosting Social Media Channels Of The Movies

Adding OOH to the marketing mix can amplify social media channels of the movies and drive sales of the tickets. By promoting movies’ ads via MurmurAds, the clients are able to analyze all the gathered data, that will be sent at the end of the each week throughout the promotion.

Why Murmur is the best choice for the Outdoor and Indoor Advertising

 We use computer vision and sensors (Eye tracking) to measure impressions and views. Inside our backpacks we have various sensors to make our technology working. We use Computer Vision to differ audiences by gender, age, behavior and eye tracking to measure impressions and views.

 In May 2022, Murmur started to collaborate with famous Azerbaijani singer-Miri Yusif in order to promote his concert.Learn about our experience here.

Reach the highest highs in advertising with Murmur.

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