Breakthrough in Concerts’ promotion. Backpack Advertising. Is It Worth It? Case study on Murmur-Miri Yusif collaboration

As music concerts only need a visible promotion to attract thousands of visitors to the live event, digital billboards is one of the best ways options in outdoor advertising. Most of the surveys and studies claim that vibrant billboard advertising on a busy intersection or mobile billboard advertising, advertises the event more effectively. 

 Today, we shall focus on the benefits of digital billboard advertising in entertainment sphere, and show the example of digital billboard advertising via Murmur backpacks.

Let’s talk about the benefits of digital billboard advertising in concerts’ promotion.

It’s All About Vibrant Advertising

In order to attract the new audience to the concert, the billboard should be as vibrant as possible. For example, the trailer of a previous concert or a precious moment of the band can be shared through a digital billboard. Important fact to notice: watching trailers and songs of the performing band on billboards at different locations, plays a major role in influencing the choices of audiences. By using MurmurAds, any artists manage to set up the concert ad via online advertising platform within 30 minutes.

Special Offers And Freebies Via Digital Ads

Many leading billboard providers have a unique advertising technique. They make use of Bluetooth features to send the audience special offers and links messages when they are near the moving concerts. The concept can boost ticket sales. With Murmur, you can put QR codes of the concert-sponsor, so that audience will be able to use promo-codes and discounts via your ad

Music Comes First

Mobile billboards are indeed the best way to generate hype for music concerts. The double-sided high-resolution LED screens accompanied by stereo sound systems can never fail to woo the interested audience. With Murmur, you can make your concert promotions the best with adding original music to it.So whenever Murmur’s backpacker will be walking down the streets, the potential audience will be able to not only see the ad ,but also to hear it.

Cost-effectiveness of Digital Billboards

Using traditional media can be costly. Large events usually target a specific group of people in a specific area. Using television, radio or print advertising can blow the marketing budget. By using Murmur’s LCD backpacks in a prominent location for a limited period before the actual events will not only provide great value for money but will also get the message out there without the need for additional advertising campaigns.


Reaching Large Audience

By placing the ad for the entertainment events in correct locations, will make it to be seen by a large audience and it will also be noticed by the right people. Murmur’s advertising backpacks are large and hard to miss, and great design will draw the eye and impart information to the reader in a matter of seconds.

Case-study on Murmur-Miri Yusif’s ad collaboration for promoting concert.

In May 2022, Murmur started to collaborate with the one of the famous Azerbaijani singer-Miri Yusif in order to promote his concert. The location of the concert was Green Theatre in Baku,Azerbaijan with the total number of seats -2500.Before starting the collaboration with Murmur,the artist managed to sell 70% of the seats.

The advertising campaign lasted for a week. Murmur used the backpack advertising for this campaign. 5 backpack walkers had been showing the concert ads accompanied with original songs at the given locations.

The overall data shows that Murmur’s backpacks generated 476k impressions and 185k views.

As the goal of the artist and his team was to sell out the rest of the concert tickets (30%), it was done by the start of the concert’s week.


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