The Focus of the Week: Ads That Are Reaching Every Door. Advertising via Screens on Delivery Bags.

When people are looking to give their business a boost, they keep focusing on the digital. Google, SEO, AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – all of these stole the thunder from good, old-fashioned corporate promotional products.When companies need an effective way to promote their  brand or services and do it quickly, there’s nothing better than LCD Delivery Bags.

In our today’s blog post, we shall analyze the benefits of LCD screened delivery bags and how MurmurAds bring their own vision to this new marketing tool.

Advertising Comes First

One of the biggest benefits of LCD screened delivery bags is that they have enough space for the advertising.For example, Murmur’s LCD screened delivery bags give a chance to let the potential customers know about the existence of your company and services. On Murmur’s LCD screens, companies are able not only to show the ad ,but also add a sound. So, whenever, the delivery person brings the order to the customer, the LCD screen with your ad will be seen by not only the customers themselves, but also by the whole neighborhood.

It’s All About The Offers

By using LCD screens on delivery bags, clients can not only promote their brand, but also discounts or offers for the potential clients. Murmur’s LCD screens on delivery bags are able to flash the new discounts and offers of banks, restaurants and etc. Huge visibility can also be reached while the delivery person rides the bike in order to bring the food orders. The customers or potential customers can look at the screen and see the discounts.

Branding Matters

LCD screens on delivery bags help companies with their brand recall. For example, by using Murmur’s LCD screens, you can choose one of the packages that suit for your marketing campaign. Additionally, our LCD screens  have sensor vision. But also, you are able to receive detailed weekly data, just by logging in to MurmurAds’ system.

Why Murmur is the best choice for the Outdoor and Indoor Advertising

We use computer vision and sensors (Eye tracking) to measure impressions and views. Inside our backpacks we have various sensors to make our technology working. We use Computer Vision to differ audiences by gender, age, behavior and eye tracking to measure impressions and views.

We are measuring impressions & views within 1 meter distance. In this case we get 95% data accuracy. If the distance of object and our screens is far for 2 -4 meters we get only 75% data accuracy, which is still good but not acceptable for us.

Recently, we’ve made a little experiment to compare the effectiveness of Murmur backpacks with other outdoor advertising tools. You can learn more about here.

Reach the highest highs in advertising with Murmur.

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