Top 6 Tips and Tricks for Astonishing Billboard design

Advertisement is essential for every business owner who wants to brand awareness for their business. The number of different types of ads is gigantic depending on your objective. 

Recent studies show that out-of-home ads are one of the popular ways people can advertise their products and businesses just by using open-air venues. 

In this blog post, we shall indicate the tips and tricks for designing out-of-home ads for maximum impact.

Get to know the top tricks right now:


1. Keep the Design of the Ad Simple


When many of us picture out-of-home ads we picture extravagant images that flaunt the product, the features, and the reasons we should buy it.

  • Brands can definitely go down the usual design creativity with their ad, or they can go down a simpler one.

Murmur team suggests no copy on the design, just a plain and easy-to-digest message, and your ad captures the complex concept of imagination in its simplest form.

Among the pluses of simple design for the home ads are:

a) Effectiveness

b) A chance to appeal to more people

c) Clear target of the specific niche of customers

Overall, keeping things simpler (both in terms of message and design/creativity) can be a one-way ticket to a great ad.


2. Don’t Forget To Add ‘A Call To Action


Calls to action are used in many promotional designs, particularly out-of-home ads.

FYI: ‘A call to action’ is a piece of copy that urges or invites the audience to take action. Some calls to action you may notice are things like “Buy now”, “Come in while stocks last”, etc.

For instance, look at the A Call To Action’ sample of one of the zoos- Come and See our New Baby Zebra- this text is accompanied by a photo of the zebra crossing.

From this design, we can see that:

a) This call invites consumers to come to visit the zoo

b) Helps to explain and contextualize the image behind the text

So, as this call-in out-of-home ads is accompanied by such a clever graphic and concept, it is kept simple and direct and the main focal point of the page.

FYI: Make a part of your key message big, make it bold, and put it in the forefront.


3. Be Attentive Towards Niches


As with all designs for out-of-home ads, you are producing a piece of work that targets a specific consumer group. So it means that representing this consumer group directly in your ad is a great way to signal that you’re talking right to them.

  • If you don’t know who is your target audience, try an A/B testing strategy for your ad’s creativity

Let’s take, for example, a brand of razors. They had a very extensive target market. Their ad campaign creativity is a series of three ads that are each designed to appeal to a variety of users. So, by using A/B testing (featuring people with different facial features and hairstyles) might look good on them, each ad can target a very wide range of people.

Overall, by using a campaign of four ads instead of one, a brand of razors can use one strong and clever concept, and expand it a little further in terms of direct market targeting by using different people and genres. In short, the brand of razors has been able to appeal not just to one specific type of person, but to razor users as a whole.

4. Visual Metaphors Are Trendy


One big technique in out-of-home ad design is visual metaphors.

  • Much like a written metaphor, a visual metaphor represents one concept by comparing it to another (often unrelated) concept.

Take for example, the ad with the unwashed vegetable that looks like a grenade with the text ‘An unwashed vegetable can become a deadly weapon’.

So where is the metaphor?

This ad warns the public about food-borne illnesses by comparing an unwashed artichoke to an explosive.

Pluses of such ad design are:

a) The brand can impart a strong message about food safety without showing any sensitive images.

b) People don’t need to think about the idea behind this ad, it is already a clear and obvious visual metaphor.


5. Hidden Visual Details Can Be Handy


A surefire way to create clever design creativity for out-of-home ads is to find hidden visual relationships that surround your topic.

For example, an ad design for an online matchmaking service, and it depicts symbols of men and women being brought together by a zipper.

  • So, basically for this ad, the designer would have sat down and brainstormed visuals that represent men and women (the universal restroom symbols) and visuals that encompass the idea of bringing two things together (the zipper).

But what can hidden visuals give?

a) A unique way of promoting your product.

b) An opportunity of creating an ever-lasting design by brainstorming concepts related to your message that have similar shapes, lines, or contours, and try to think up a way to bring these two concepts together to promote your message.

c) You will even catch the attention of unique customers.

6. Keep Your Ad Copy Short And Sharp


The old versions of out-of-home ads design used to be just copy—a block of type that explained the product, the features, where you could get it, etc. But, nowadays, attention spans have shortened and time has become more valuable, so now, a short and sharp copy is where it’s at.


Murmur team suggests making sometimes a super short and simple piece of copy, as they can be the most effective, especially if it’s accompanied by a strong visual.

For example, a new brand of car can use just two words of copy and a super strong visual to create an attention-grabbing, clever, and smart ad.

  • Try to focus on one feature of your product and put a simple amount of punchiness to it.

Keep in mind when designing your ad creativity,  that short and sharp copy is much easier to remember and consume, as your audience will instantly read your message as soon as they glance over your ad – getting the message right away, loud and clear.

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