The Power of Product Reviews from Influencers: How Authentic Reviews Drive Sales

Social proof is a powerful digital marketing tool in worldwide e-commerce. Product reviews and positive reviews (including, sometimes, even negative) skyrocket your brand’s authenticity and improve sales.

In the modern world, where the role of influencers is becoming more and more recognizable, product reviews by influencers shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. So, while you are preparing social media marketing strategy, you should consider influencers as a center of brand awareness. The product reviews by influencers encompass a swathe of different tactics to improve your consumer trust, as well as the sales and conversion rates of your products.

So, why exactly product review? Product reviews are the fastest way to unite a product’s quality while improving conversion, SEO, and consumer trust. So, it is safe to say that the collaborative work of influencers with product reviews leads the brand to success.

Today’s blog post will go deeper into analyzing influencer marketing on product reviews and what benefits can they bring to your business.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of product reviews from influencers

1. Helps with Consumer Trust

A trusted brand means a brand that makes money.

  • According to recent statistics around 81% of consumers consider consumer trust as a deal-breaker in leading to purchase a product from a brand.

So, it is a must for brands to establish strong consumer trust in order to drive e-commerce conversions through increased social proof.

Another crucial fact to mention: According to recent studies 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase, and 72% won’t even take any buying actions until they’ve skimmed a product’s reviews.

So, here, we notice that the role of product reviews in the purchasing process is huge. And the fact that one of your products will be advertised by a leading influencer can have a greater impact than a review by an average customer. So, basically, this social media marketing strategy will likely see them purchasing and enjoying products that their favorite influencers (rather than a stranger) recommend.

Murmur team suggests influencers’ product reviews for:

  1. The trust that influencers have among their followers
  2. An honest, positive review by an influencer about one of your products can increase sales to that audience

Case study on Hair care line: The newly established hair care line received a huge number of customers in just a couple of days after its opening. During the survey (you can easily set up an online survey via Insights IQ here, an overwhelming amount of feedback show that recommendations from influencers played a massive role in boosting sales.

2. Build Your Niche Authority

The most important thing about influencer marketing is that they stick to a particular niche.

Micro-influencers, stick to a particular niche in terms of the products they promote and the product reviews that they write.

You need to make sure that the chosen influencer is relevant to your brand. In other words, you should work with influencers who have authority among potential customers in your niche.

In the case of micro-influencers marketing: they start as customers who are massive fans of your brand. And as they are already passionate about products, they post content related to your products or industry on social media. So, once you identify such influencers incentivize and encourage them to share their glowing product reviews of your brand.

Case study (Macro-influencer+ big brand): A YouTuber whose primary focuses are around health, beauty, and apparel. In her videos, she shares with her audiences how a specific product of a well-known brand impacted her life positively.

Engage with influencers about product reviews via ads on-site, and their sentiment through video testimonials and general social media posts. Basically, this whole collaboration is flexible. Once you have an influencer testimonial, share it on all of the marketing channels that your target audience may see.

3. Influencer Marketing Campaigns in the Area

The massive exposure of your brand can happen via an influencer marketing campaign.

  • The most common way of collaborating with an influencer is offering their product or service to the influencer for free in exchange for a product or service review (among other forms of compensation).

This type of social media marketing is quite beneficial due to the following factors:

  1. The parameters for these campaigns are endless; you can pay influencers for a one-off social media post, or you can maintain a longer relationship with them and collaborate from time to time.
  2. Note: The latter approach is more conducive in order to obtaining authentic and valuable product reviews from these influencers.

Murmur team suggests establishing relationships with relevant influencers in your niche. You can send these influencers a product or service to provide product reviews when you have a new offering.

4. It’s All About Conversions

According to the most recent surveys, 82% of consumers say they are highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer.

It means that influencer-led product reviews can have a directly positive outcome on your brand’s conversion rates. For example, the niche of the micro-influencers focused on audiences that often tend to be more engaged. And their product reviews can generate 22.2 times as many conversions as other types of influencers.

This type of social media marketing is the perfect choice for your brand, especially if the business is still in the process of growing. The influencers to reach out to for product reviews may not be the highest-in-demand or most expensive to partner with on a campaign.

5. Crack the code of the new markets

Influencer marketing is a strong tool for brands to tap into new markets and reach specific audiences. And, the crucial element in this type of social media marketing is that you don’t need an account on the specific website.

Case study on Tiktok influencer: A man skincare line is set to promote their new products around social media. They chose to collaborate with the influencers on TikTok from specific areas. The product reviews series of shaving mistakes videos led to 29.8 million impressions and a 5%-10% increase in sales. And all of it has been done without having a brand’s TikTok account. The clear image of the products, and catching slogans are all your brand needs.

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