Murmur’s Series: Why backpacks billboards are ideal for advertising?

Television, radio, magazines, the internet are no longer the only places where we can see advertisements. In today’s world, there is some form of advertising almost everywhere. For instance, from pens and pencils to mugs, shirts, wristbands, tote bags, and now backpacks. In our today’s blog post we shall talk about the importance of backpacks in the marketing field, with the key focus on Murmur’s promotional backpacks.

 Promotional backpacks are provided as a means to introduce your brand. It is a way to make more people aware that your company exists, as well as the services you provide. The ending results are free marketing and long customer retention.

 Murmur’s backpacks are the perfect choice for our customers, as it has significant benefits:


Our backpacks are convenient, and customers can carry them around with them wherever they are. This leads to brand awareness and overall marketing.


Murmur’s backpack carriers can promote the company’s services while camping, hiking, biking, and skiing, with that maximizing them well. Moreover, Murmur’s backpacks are valuable for work purposes as they can fit laptops and other devices. So, the more people use it, the more successful we are with our promotional strategy.

Backpack’s durability

Murmur’s backpacks are functioning with an LED screen, so their approximate durability is 4.5 to 6.8 years. The longer you use them, the longer they can be of service to you for product advertisements. Therefore, you’re assured that clients have promoted your business for a long time.

Customized designs and ideas

Our customers can customize the content on the LED screens of the backpacks to meet the specific requirements of many people who can benefit from them. It can be available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, each with its style and design. Furthermore, you can further customize different types and designs to fit any age, gender, professional, or even personal interest. This allows you to create a design that is unique to the user and that they will enjoy. You can leave a significant and long-lasting impression on your client because of the high quality of your product.

The space for branding

The size of a Murmur’s backpack gives more room for our clients to place their trademark or logo, brand, and any promotional message they want to convey to clients. The clients may want to include also their phone number and website in case they want to know more about your product.

Budget-friendly marketing option

A person carrying your promotional bag can expose your brand to everyone they come into contact with for no additional cost. It could be at the office, the mall, the grocery store, the school, the bus or the train, or on the streets. It follows the user wherever they go. So, everything depends on how you present your promotional item will correspond to how your customers perceive your brand. If your brand is introduced fantastically and with unquestionable quality, you can anticipate a successful purchase of your product.

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