Murmur’s Series: Survey Rewards App – Worth your attention

 Before spending millions of dollars designing, manufacturing, and marketing a product, companies first have to figure out whether anyone even wants to buy it.   

 This whole process of getting useful feedback from the potential customers, as well as from the experts called market research. It is a very difficult and long process, as well as quite costly. In order to save time and money, many companies are turning to online market research, more specifically to online surveys. Sometimes you can get interesting surveys, but a lot of the time they may be a little dull, but they’re a simple way to earn a bit of extra money.  In our today’s blog post we shall talk about the role of online rewards surveys and provide information about Murmur’s Survey Rewards App.

About the online Survey Rewards Apps

Surveys are conducted via e-mails, as well as via survey apps. Most of the survey apps offer their users rewards. Potentially, these rewards can be in the form of discounts on products, free airline miles or gasoline gift cards, as well as actual money that is sent to the bank account of the user.

Why it is a win-win situation both for companies and customers

By using online survey apps the companies get valuable market research from a targeted survey audience, while the consumers get paid for their time through discounts and freebies on products they like.

Murmur’s Rewards Survey App

We are launching our Rewards Survey Apps and want our users and readers to take full advantage of them. The partner companies will be able to reach local audiences and drive results more effectively. And our app’s users be able to earn additional income.

The whole process consists of the following steps:

1) download our app

2) receive the survey

3) fill out the survey

4) receive money for the participation directly on your bank account

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