Murmur’s Series: Practice of Indoor advertising -LED Displays

This latest iteration of digital signage is proving to be an essential means of indoor and outdoor advertising. Such massive examples of LED screens are Picadilly Circus in London and Times Square in New York.LED advertising displays are becoming more and more common sig in urban centers across the globe. The reception has been positive, demand is voracious, and the development of this remarkable new technology shows no signs of slowing down.

In today’s Murmur series we shall analyze the benefits of LED screen advertising for businesses.

Combination of Augmented reality and LED advertising

Adapting and integrating these technologies with LED advertising realizes the promise of creating truly interactive advertising experiences, which have the power to transform how brands communicate and are perceived.

Augmented reality, in this case, evokes a great response from audiences by blending interactive animated digital content over a filmed real-world environment. Currently, companies are effectively harnessing augmented reality effects on smartphones.


There has never been a better time to make digital advertising an integral part of your company or product’s marketing strategy. Using LED screen advertising as part of your campaign provides you with the following benefits:

  • As part of in-store advertising campaigns capable to boost product appeal and tailored to the retail environment or task at hand for maximum response.
  • Using LED screen advertising as an outdoor advertising solution means that your digital content can be published with high-quality outdoor LED screens and reach a far broader public audience.
  • The resolution and quality of this digital advertising are outstanding and will enhance its location with an unchanging high-quality presence. Over time, brands advertised using this media will become recognizable and trustworthy to regular passersby.
  • Positive returns on investment in digital advertising may lead you to consider reducing the spending on paper-based forms of advertising.
  • LED Advertising provides the opportunity to create digital campaigns published and streamed across websites, phones, apps, television and radio, and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) media. All campaigns are capable to run effectively from a single location.
  • Real-time updates and edits can be made to advertising, meaning that you can constantly refine the precision of your targeting. Wireless technology and cloud-based computing mean you can remotely control your ads from a variety of advanced software portals to make changes.
  • Enables some of the most advanced feedback, reporting, and analytics in the industry using sensors and HD video cameras that can accurately record audience response, viewing times, and interaction. Furthermore, digital content can collaborate with demographic data obtained.
  • Digital advertising can work effectively with social media, QR codes, touchscreen technology, and more for targeted ads that can produce an instant return on investment.
  • A prominent public space will enjoy fantastic footfall for an attention-grabbing and reactive campaign. Beyond the capital outlay for equipment and software, the ongoing cost for an LED screen advertising system is low, meaning all profits remain with you.


The global expertise necessary to execute successful LED screen campaigns using these technologies is not enough. That’s why consulting with a leading LED advertising manufacturer or company is vital. We are one of the leading digital advertising companies of LED advertising solutions. Murmur can provide such turnkey solutions for your project.

Our team of industry experts offers indoor consultancy, manufacturing, along with engineering of your digital advertising media for maximum effect and profitability.

Getting professional input on setting up customized LED screens advertising will provide the best return as you will benefit from assistance in selecting the best-LED screen.


LED advertising is incredibly flexible and can be adapted as part of any multimedia campaign. Work with our experienced LED engineers to create almost any kind of custom solution where high-quality visual media is at the fore.


LED Screen Advertising Benefits – 10 Reasons Why LED Technology Helps You Expand Your Business by  Daniel Reynolds (November 01, 2021)

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