Avoid These Top Branding Mistakes At All Costs 

In the era of ever-changing trends, keeping your brand at the highest positions in the business world becomes harder.  Owners have to constantly learn and master new technologies, communication platforms, and audience pain points all at the same time. And it’s super easy to make a mistake.

In order to help future marketers and renowned brands get rid of business image issues, we need to analyze the most common branding mistakes.

In this blog post, we shall indicate the Top Branding Mistakes to avoid in the marketing world.

1. Brand’s Logo Doesn’t Match Its Identity

As your logo design represents the brand in places where you cannot communicate elaborately, it should be a combination of creativity and functionality.

  • The main mistake occurs when either the functional aspect is neglected or when designers get too creative.

Among the most common mistakes are:

  1. Using a font that is not legible
  2. Using lengthy words instead of being succinct
  3. Disproportioning the logo and the tagline below it
  4. Failing to adapt your design as you move forward

2. Your Brand Should Keep Up With Consistency‍

A brand consistent with its ideology comes across to its customers commands more respect because they know what they stand for. 

  • Making the brand memorable means making your life-long place in the business

Murmur team suggests keeping consistency in your design as well. So, keep an eye on maintaining stringent quality checks on copy and design.

  • Brands that drastically change the way they look can put off customers.

‍3. Brand Should Create A Bond With Your Customers

The relationship between brand identity and its customers is a two-way connection. First, your customers come to your brand because they have a problem to solve or to experience something your brand offers.

So, while building a strong branding strategy for your company, take into consideration customer relations.

Strong marketing strategy means being in touch with your customers, enquiring about their well-being, and doing something special for them can turn your customers into brand advocates.

Important Notice: Being too friendly can also be turned into a branding mistake. 

‍4. Not showcasing the brand’s uniqueness.

A unique selling point (USP)

One of the top branding mistakes is the lack of showing unique selling features.

  • If your marketing strategy doesn’t involve creating unique features, you need to start creating something that sets you apart.

Murmur team suggests focusing on creating a unique slogan. For example: a powerful USP slogan:  “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.” Guess the brand! it’s Domino’s Pizza.

  • Don’t make your brand total dependant on temporary marketing trends.

It’s important to stay relevant on the internet and a younger audience by being trendy. And you can create a separate branding strategy for specific niches of your brand.

‍6. Don’t Forget To Be Inclusive

In today’s world, building an inclusive brand is the right way to go. 

  • It’s important to attract customers from every walk of life, as a brand. 

Non-inclusive brands have polarized communication towards a specific section of society is not appreciated. Moreover, non-inclusive brands could face the wrath of authorities as several countries are not taking cognizance of businesses that discriminate between their customers. It’s also unethical, so there’s that.

‍7. Avoid Being Everything To Everyone

During branding, you have a target audience, an ideal customer. Focus on finding a perfect niche for your brand.

In order to find the target audience, focus on activating your network, followers, influencers, or partners to grow your brand’s presence.

Involve your network to creating and promoting inspiring stories, great visual content, or helpful resources.

8. Avoid taking Feedback From the Wrong Sources

Depending on the type of product or service you’re looking to sell and the market you want to cover, brands need to take feedback from the right sources. But limiting your sources to positive reviews won’t help you set or measure appropriate marketing goals.

Conducting online interviews, concept testing of the product before the release or creating the fastest surveys with the most accurate data in one place. Sounds surreal? Not, anymore! Via Insights IQ, get ready to boost your brand in the market in no time.

Set up the most accurate online survey via the Insights IQ platform and get ready to receive reviews from the targeted audience

9. Make a Plan B

In order to make a successful branding, you should constantly refine and revise your offerings to deliver better quality and adapt to the changing needs of the market. Your first marketing plan may not work the first time.

  • Be ready for your Plan B in case of branding, when the needs of your target customers are starting to change.

So, when customers push for greater convenience or more options, adjust your strategy to give them what they’re asking for. If you don’t, another brand surely will. 

10. Focus on selling the Energy of Your Brand

Often, brands try to sell its features, rather than a big idea. And here’s the biggest issue.

  • Brands should find something they believe in, focus on that value, and build their branding around it. For example, Coke sells happiness in a bottle, while Nike sells motivation.

 Try to focus not only on the messaging but also on the whole brand experience: such as customer experience, brand identity and uniqueness.

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