Why Contextual Intelligence Important in Digital Advertising? Tips for the marketers

If people heard the term contextual intelligence lately, they may wonder how it applies to the ad targeting strategy and why advertisers should care. Contextual intelligence always a topic in advertising for many years and is closely associated with brand safety and brand suitability.

As competition in digital advertising continues to grow, advertisers work to build more integrated targeting strategies that brings contextual intelligence to place ads next to content that’s relevant and interesting to their audiences.

In our today’s blog post we shall analyze the role of contextual intelligence in advertising and provide marketing specialists with useful tips for successful advertising.

Let’s start with the basic information

The meaning of contextual intelligence

Contextual intelligence is the information people gain from analyzing content and how people interact with it.

When it comes to the advertising world, whether it’s a subway cart, or website’s content, serving an ad within the proper context is one of the ways marketers ensure they’re reaching the right audiences. And,contextual intelligence allows marketers to choose the types of content users want their ads to appear alongside while also help them to safeguard their advertising efforts by avoiding unsuitable or potentially damaging content.

The case of the contextual advertising

Consider a major airline that’s launching a summer campaign aimed at consumers planning vacations. And,the campaign wants to focus on the following content: holiday destinations, swimsuit styles and diets. People interested in this content potentially research their next vacation and more likely to have an interest in an ad from the airline.

To set up contextual targeting solutions within the campaign, the airline works with its advertising partner – either an SM (social media) agency or technology/data partner – to develop a list of terms that are likely to appear in articles about vacation-related topics, such as “best beaches,” “top resort destinations,” and etc. Also,do not forget to create a list of terms it would like to avoid, such as “tropical storm,” “hurricane,” and “climate change.”

The above mentioned two lists form the blueprint for the airline’s contextual advertising campaign. And,the first list helps to reach a relevant audience by placing ads within content that aligns with the airline’s targeting strategy, while the second list ensures that it will avoid any unsafe content that may harm its brand reputation.

The tricky game of words

Naturally, the airline has an aversion to anything related to explosives or explosions. That’s why, the airline would actively block any inventory that appeared next to content containing the word explosion to ensure brand safety.

But the word ‘explosion’ takes on a different meaning depending on context. Consider its use in an article about a tropical destination that’s experiencing an explosion of tourism. Here, the implication of the word is vastly different, and the article should a safe and relevant ad placement opportunity for the airline.

Tips of Murmur for early-career marketers on how to develop a strong contextual intelligence for the ad campaigns

Brand Safety Comes First

The most common and well-known use of context by advertisers is to keep their brands safe by avoiding negative associations. Nowadays, online world, where trends emerge and die off in an instant, brands have become acutely aware of the environment in which their ads and messages appear – and for good reason.

With that, contextual intelligence helps preserve brand safety by helping advertisers avoid harmful environments that damage their brand equity.

Relevant Ad Experiences of the Potential Users Matter

As marketers can never truly know what a consumer’s thoughts are, but by understanding what’s happening on the page, advertisers gain a glimpse into a consumer’s intentions and interests. Murmur team advices to deliver advertising that’s aligned with the content on the page, and potentially with the consumer’s mindset. This will lead to relevant user experience which can help improve campaign performance.

Focus on Increasing Reach and Scale

The fact that context goes hand in hand with brand safety, some advertisers see it as something that limits the scale of their campaigns, fearing it could block valuable inventory from the media buy. But, here’s the thing. As context allows marketers to take advantage of trending content as it happens. When content begins to spike in popularity, marketers use contextual intelligence tools to ensure their advertising appears on the most popular pages with the most relevant content. So it leads to ads that continually reach new and relevant audiences, leading to more scale and improved reach. Murmur team suggest to

identify trending contexts and content, with that, brands can find where their audience is most engaged and what content holds their attention, offering up new inventory that can boost ad performance rates.

Useful Tactics for Context Intelligence

When creating company’s campaign, Murmur team recommends to take the time to strategically plan the contextual segments with the specialists on your contextual partner’s team. For instance, if the campaign relates to camping, advertisers could use a keyword such as bonfire.

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