The Focus of the Week: Digital Advertising in the Promotion of TV Shows/Series. Is It Worth it?

Humanity has reached a point in history where watching a TV show is as good as reading a book. We cry and laugh watching our favorite sitcoms that give us characters of loving relationships and happy endings. But, the entertainment industry is changing rapidly.

According to the numerous studies, the pandemic totally changed the way how people perceive TV shows or series. In the time of the lockdown, 53% of people worked from home and their TV consumption has risen considerably. And it leads to the intense competition for the entertainment industry locally and globally.

In our today’s blog post, we shall analyze the benefits of digital advertising billboards help TV channels and streaming platforms to reach as many audience as possible. Also, we shall provide information how MurmurAds helps with the promotion of TV Series/Shows.

Among the benefits of digital advertising are:

It’s All About the Poster

One of the strongest side of OOH (Out-of-home advertising) is the poster promotion. This specific element captures attention instantly and creating buzz across all social media platforms, if executed well. With MurmurAds, brands can create hype for their products or releases just by registering on HypeIQ section of the Ad Creator platform. For instance, local tv channels can promote their up-coming tv series by putting the ad (can also be interactive) on Murmur’s LCD Backpacks. With that , backpack carriers will be able to promote it all around the city.

Delivery Matters

And it isn’t just the LCD screen advertising that can help local channels to reach the audience. Recently, Murmur Ads launched its new tool -customized delivery bags.This bags consist of LCD screens, that can show your ad all day long at the doorsteps of potential audience. Plus,it’s not just a poster, the screens can also promote the trailers and teasers of the up-coming shows.

Smart Targeting with MurmurAds

As Murmur’s screens have sensor vision, all the received data such as (gender, age, preferences of potential audience and etc) will be sent to the clients, so that they can make a smart targeting of their tv show/series.

Recently, MurmurAds launched its new tool-tops screens for the advertising. For example, local tv channels or online content makers will be able to promote their work on these table top screens which are already functioning at the most popular restaurants and cafes of the capital city.

About Murmur’s Advertising Tools:

Carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why start to advertise your tv show or online content  by using Murmur’s innovative tools. Your ad will not only be displayed on the billboards, potential customers will be able to see it on the LCD backpacks, holograms, table top screens, delivery bags and car-tops all around the city. Moreover, by using our Street IQ Platform, you customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you. Also,HypeIQ will hellp to find the most suitable professionals for the digital promotion of your brand.

Change your approach to advertising with Murmur.

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