Murmur’s Series: What local people think about advertisements in Baku? (survey-based)

 Advertisement is a billion-dollar industry all across the world. Companies have to invest a huge amount to develop an ad and run it across different channels. Our today’s topic will be the recent survey about advertisements located in our Baku city. The number of respondents was 250,000 citizens.

Our list of survey questions consists of 6 questions mentioned below. In this survey we tried to understand how we can please Baku citizens with our ads and improve communication between them and brands:

1- Which apps do you often use?

2- In which apps do you often see annoying ads?

3- Do you like social media ads?

4- How often do you see ads on streets?

5- What makes you click, view ads?

6- What type of outdoor ads do you pay attention?

Here are the answers to these questions


85% of people in Baku often use Instagram.

Questions #2:

50% said Instagram, 30% said Youtube, the rest split between

Facebook & Ticktok

Question #3:

66.7% hate social media ads while 33.3% do not pay attention on them

Question #4

16.7% said that do not pay attention on ads on streets, 33.3% said that see them but not often. 50% people said that see outdoor ads often while they commute.

Question #5

20% said that like creativity. 30% answered that ad message. 38% answered do not know. 12% answered that Ad Design

Question #6

80% answered ads on car and backpacks, 20% answered ads on billboards.

Concluding the results of Murmur’s survey, we can notice that one of the popular social media destinations for the brand is Instagram, as 85% of responders said that it is their choice among other social medias. But also, local people, 66.7%, hate social media ads while 33.3% do not pay attention on them. But it doesn’t exclude the fact that there are also people who are followers of Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok. So ,in terms of digital advertising, the brand should focus on Instagram, as the majority of people registered there

Majority of people prefer billboard ads

On the other side, it is quite significant data that 16.7% said that do not pay attention on ads on streets, which is the lowest by far compared to other data, 50% people said that the billboards are definitely into billboards,as it is quite informative.

When it comes to the questions «What makes you do click, view ads?» ,majority answered that they do not know it, so here we can use our creativity and content tactics as much as possible. Additionally, the answers to the last question «What type of outdoor ads do you pay attention?», Vast majority of people mentioned that car-top and backpacks advertising is what catch their eyes. In the end, we should mention that this survey conducted by Murmur advertising company. Murmur is the data driven advertising platform that provides services of street navigating and connecting possible customers to the companies. By using its services, such as filtering demographics, daily activity of the audience, interests of the audience and the audience’s behavior you will be able to receive all the necessary data that is calculated via global data providers in partnership, additionally you will see what is happening with your ad (real time data) via Murmur’s live map.

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