Murmur’s Series: How to prepare a killer-content for the billboard advertising?

 Welcome to another episode of Murmur’s Series, where we shall help you with creating the strongest content for the billboard advertisement.

 Here are the tips that you should take into consideration while preparing the billboard,more specifically its content part:  

The Fonts

The fonts: a) Effective billboard = Seen from a distance- so when you are choosing the font size, be sure that everyone can see it from the distance. Fun fact: b) Stick to one slogan or sentence- because at the end of the day the audience should be able to get your message in a short way. c) The fonts matter- always use bold and avoid decorative, italic, or serif fonts. Also try to add a thin dark stroke around the text to separate it from the background. Fun fact: upper and lower case sans serif fonts provide the best readability for the audience.  

The Texts

The texts: a) Use no more than ten words total on the entire billboard – which includes the logo / product tagline. Also we recommend using seven words or less for the headline. b) When it comes to colors –use only RGB (Red, Green and Blue) color files for the digital display.

The Colors

The colors: a) Do not use complimentary colors, such as red and green because they have similar value.  Contrasting color combinations work best for viewing outdoor designs at far distances. b) Avoid by all means white space- White space does not apply in outdoor advertisement like in printed material. You should increase the logo, font sizes and imagery! Fun fact: We recommended not to have unused visual space at 300 – 500 feet.

The Image

The image: You can take a small object and make it large (like a watch) rather than a large object small (like a building).  Avoid using landscapes or complex scenes. We highly recommended to put 3 visual elements or less, in total.  For instance: 1 image, 1 logo and 1 headline.

Forget About White Space

White space does not apply in Outdoor like in printed material. Increase your logo, font sizes and imagery!

In the end note that in the digital era, as companies and individuals focus on creating the best content for the billboard advertising,they will be using the services of advertising companies. For that, if you are also looking for the smart advertising for your company, Murmur is here for you!

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