Murmur’s Series: How effectively use car-top digital billboards

 If you are looking for the easy ways to target potential customers moving from one place to the next, then Murmur’s car top advertising is for you In today’s episode we talk about why the car top advertising is a direct way to attracting more customers on the Murmur’s example.


With car top advertising, content delivered to potential customers via rideshare accessories displayed outside and/or on the vehicle. Murmur’s LED billboards installed on top of the rideshare vehicles. There, the content and ads seen by drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Additionally, riders will see the content as they enter and exit the rideshare vehicle. Mobile advertising is the most effective form of outdoor advertising, as it reaches more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.


Car-top advertising, paired with the powerful DOOH(digital-out-of-home) features of AdTech companies like Murmur, helped to engage consumers dynamically based on location, time of day, weather, and many more. This allows advertisers to run ads when and where their target audience is likely to see them. These ads display for a much broader audience, tools like geo-targeting, location targeting allow brands to shift the campaigns depending on the hour of the day, location of the vehicle, and even whether it’s raining or not.

The growth of Car top Advertising

As more people get out of their homes, more opportunities in advertising technology for building a connection between brands and potential customers appear.

In the end,we would like to mention that our company Murmur is the data driven advertising platform that provides services of street navigating and connecting possible customers to the companies. By using our services, such as filtering demographics, daily activity of the audience, interests of the audience and the audience’s behavior you will receive all the necessary data calculated via global data providers in partnership, additionally you will be able to see what is happening with your ad (real time data) via Murmur’s live map.

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