Murmur’s Series: How effective billboard advertising in retail industry?

Welcome back to our new episode of Murmur’s Series that will be dedicated to the role of billboard advertising in retail industry. Mainly, billboard advertising for retail stores can help in 2 ways: First of all, It offers the unique opportunity to place advertising in proximity to your store and secondly billboards can promote multiple locations in a single space, which can increase the attention of the customers to your business. But why billboards are specifically very effective in trade industry? We got the answers for you!

Billboards are often seen during key decision-making moments when it comes to purchases.

  • Nearly 3/4 of billboard viewers shop during their drive home from work.
  • More than 2/3 of billboard viewers make purchasing decisions while in their car.
  • More than 1/3 of billboard viewers will stop at an actual store on their way home.

So by placing your retail billboard along popular commuter routes, promoting the later hours you’re open, could lead to more end-of-day purchases simply because you’re getting the timing just right for when your audience wants to shop. Additionally, by understanding common shopping habits of your customers can help you decide whether billboard advertising is right for you. And you can do that with Murmur, we can help with filtering your advertising preferences by: Demographics, Daily activity of your customers, their interests and behaviour

Billboard can motivate individuals to visit a particular business.

  • Nearly 1/4 of billboard viewers visit a particular store the same day they first see a billboard.
  • 1/3 of billboard viewers visit a particular store they see advertised later that same week.
  • About half of the billboard viewing audience receives directional information from the billboard as well.

And in the end, we need to mention that billboard advertising can help retail stores to analyze real-time in store-analytics

Analyzing in-store analytics with Murmur will help you

To make fast decisions in retail business

You will be able to adapt your store to your customers’ needs as soon as possible

To create personalized experiences

With Murmur, your retail business will deliver powerful and meaningful personalization for shoppers by understanding which customers shop at specific zones, the correlation between dwell engagement to dwell conversion and the products actually purchased to create customized shopping experiences.

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