Murmur takes the World by Storm – Digital Advertising on Tbilisi streets.

 Outdoor advertising can help businesses build their brand and promote their products and services in ways that digital and in-home advertising cannot.

 As the market becomes more and more saturated with what consumers view as “unwanted” digital advertising, choosing to promote your brand outdoors can be beneficial in various ways.

 As Murmur prepares to enter into advertising market of Georgia, we shall analyze the benefits of outdoor advertising, as well as what type of benefits Murmur Ads brings to the Georgian advertising market.

Benefits of outdoor advertising (OOH)

OOH Advertising = Customers’ Attention

Research has shown that consumers react more favorably to outdoor media than they do in-home media.

Whether this is because of the flood of digital advertisements to which we are exposed or because in-home advertisements can feel intrusive and unpleasant outdoor advertising is more acceptable, and in many cases, as enhancement to a consumer’s outdoor experience.

For example, when a consumer sees a backpack walker with the ad from their vehicle, they are more likely to notice the ad, read it, and respond favorably to it.  

If the billboard is aesthetically pleasing, they may even consider the billboard enriching to their outdoor experience.

OOH Advertising Builds the Brand

As consumers cannot simply “ignore” the signage they are exposed to when they are not in their homes (remember, digitally, a consumer can choose to close a web page, or turn a channel), they have very little control over advertisements to which they see out of their homes.

Advertising with Murmur can ensure that not only your ads are visually stimulating, your potential customers can see them for the proper lengths of time.

OOH Ads Are Fully Customizable

Outdoor advertising has the ability of customization and direction to a specific cross-section of the population by using tools such as location, analytics, and design.

While location placement may seem obvious (e.g. your target audience are medical professionals so you place your billboards near hospitals), specific design can further target particular demographics. This whole process of ad customization you can easily do on Murmur’s Ad Platform within 30 minutes.

High Percentage of Responsiveness

There are numerous studies that prove consumers respond to outdoor advertisements.

More than 60% of consumers respond to outdoor advertising. A response to an add can include things like visiting the advertising business or office, visiting a store to inspect a product or inquire about a special sale, visiting a website displayed on an outdoor advertisement suggested by the outdoor advertisement, or calling a phone number supplied by an ad.

In case of Murmur, the clients received more than 80% of responses after their ads have been shown on Murmur LCD backpacks.Among our biggest clients are P&G and Rabita Bank.

OOH Advertising is Budget Friendly

Outdoor advertising produces more impactful results on a smaller budget, making it a great option for companies or practitioners who have less to spend on advertising.  Moreover, unlike digital or print ads, outdoor advertising is more long term.

When you buy media space for an outdoor advertisement, you are buying location and length of time.

The length of time your outdoor advertisement is available to consumers is key in securing brand familiarity with them.

Murmur has different packages for its clients, so our partners choose the most affordable package for their advertising.

Murmur Ads in Georgia

Murmur operates in Chicago,IL,US and Baku, Azerbaijan and soon to be function in Tbilisi,Georgia, and our main advertising tool is LCD backpacks that are promoting your ad at  the requested locations.

Murmur’s strongest marketing side is that Murmur Ads can be seen anywhere and be in the centre of any biggest event or locations were most of the people hangout. Meanwhile, other outdoor ads, such as billboards cannot be close to the people, simply because they only located in the limited places.

Additionally, we use computer vision and sensors (Eye tracking) to measure impressions and views. Inside our backpacks we have various sensors to make our technology working. We use Computer Vision to differ audiences by gender, age, behavior and eye tracking to measure impressions and views.

We are measuring impressions & views within 1 meter distance. In this case we get 95% data accuracy. If the distance of object and our screens is far for 2 -4 meters we get only 75% data accuracy, which is still good but not acceptable for us.

Recently, we’ve made a little experiment to compare the effectiveness of Murmur backpacks with other outdoor advertising tools. You can learn more about here

Reach the highest highs in advertising with Murmur.

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