Focus of the Week:Revolutionizing In-store Audio Advertising.Is It Worth It?

With the familiarity of wireless headphones, smart phones, and smart speakers you will instantly notice that we are in the advanced audio age. The programmatic audio advertising allows the ability to get to highly engaged audience members via their streaming services.  

In our today’s blog post, we shall analyze the benefits of the In-store Audio Advertising.

Here are the benefits of the In-store Audio Advertising:

Cost-Effectiveness of the Audio Ads

Many stores place an advert in a primary spot on television, which is quite expensive procedure, the production of the audio ads doesn’t requires to waste money on over-the-top marketing. The owners of the stores only need a sound booth and a great imagination.

The Sounds of the Audio Ad Matter

The sounds in your store impact the way customers think, act, and feel. It’s something that has a direct impact on our mood, feelings, and thinking. As the business owners design their overhead music playlist for the audio ads, they need to select music that best matches the experience they want to create and the potential customers they want to please.

Keeping up with the Branded Sounds

The sounds in the store reflect the brand image. By doing creating the correct playlist, customers get the feeling of where they are now and what the brand represents.

Informing Clients Comes First

Through overhead messaging and digital signage audio, the stores can create messages that tell customers about its sales, new products, upcoming events, brand story, or any other relevant, timely information. As customers in your store are already highly engaged with your brand, using of voice-over audio messages towards potential clients will turn that attention toward targeted advertising and communication.

About Murmur’s Advertising Tools:

Carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why start to advertise your tv show or online content  by using Murmur’s innovative tools. Potential customers will see the ad on the LCD backpacks, table top screens, delivery bags all around the city. And by using our Street IQ Platform, customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you. And HypeIQ will help to find the most suitable professionals for the digital promotion of your brand.

Change your approach to advertising with Murmur.

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