>Firefly VS Murmur. The battle of innovation in the world

When you think of iconic car-top advertising tools, there’s a good chance that the classic billboard among the first examples that comes to your mind. This week’s focus will be Murmur car top billboards and its revolutionizing advertising tools by comparing it to Firefly car advertising.

While innovative promotion technologies and interactive digital advertisements are trends in out of home advertisingtraditional OO. To that end, here are the top 10 advantages of using Murmur cars in your next marketing campaign.

#1 Visibility Comes First

When it comes to advertising, bigger is always better. As such, one of the best advantages of using Murmur car tops, that they come in a variety of sizes to reach a large number of consumers comparing to Firefly car tops.

But How Murmur Car Tops Work?

  • Visible – The thing is even uninspired designs that put on Murmur cars can catch the attention of morning commuters from miles away.
  • The Attractiveness – Murmur billboards also attract attention—especially on the highways, where many cars don’t have any billboards. Billboards with computer vision can be especially effective and attract new customers.

#2 Always On and AI-Ready

We can’t deny that Internet, TV, and even radio ads might be impressive for their digital glitz. But advertising via above mentioned sources mean that, unless the consumer turns on a specific device, your ad might not be seen at all.

Murmur cars, on the other hand, are always on the roads and read to gather data on potential customers—and what’s more, consumers don’t have the option of turning them off if they don’t like your ad. That means more impressions on your advertisement.

Murmur’s overall impressions and views per month are nearly 3 million.

So, even if a potential customer looks away from your billboard, they’ve most likely noted important information like the name of your company or the services you offer. Murmur also consults its customers on how to correctly visualize the ad. With that, Murmur car top billboards offer 24/7 exposure to help advertisers by targeting  millions of potential customers.

#3 Location Matters and here It Changes

When it comes to successful billboard advertising, location is a key factor. And one of the biggest advantages of using Murmur car tops is the options you have when it comes to placing your advertisement. And here, we talk about Street IQ data.

Comparing to Street IQ data from Firefly advertising, Murmur’s platform directly showing to its customers what happens on the streets, where their car-tops are being shown.

For example, when selecting the best location for Murmur car top ads in Baku, Azerbaijan, ,choosing such locations as Nizami street, Nasimi districts can lead to fruitful campaign results.

And what’s most importantly, Murmur car tops can provide

  1. Directional information – Murmur’s car tops commonly include directional information that can lead potential customers to visit your business. For example, “Take the next exit” or “For jewelry store, turn to the left side”. 
  2. Targeted ad’s placement – Via Murmur cars brands can let consumers know that they’re only a mile away or just around the corner of the store.

#4 Diversal Targeting in Advertising

Murmur car top ads offer unique opportunities for businesses to reach a large and diverse range of consumers. Firefly cars might give you better options for targeted advertising, but Murmur car tops reach consumers, who needs your product most. 

But How Does Murmur That?

Pretty easy, our computer vision detect the data on gender, age and other characteristics and send it to its customers, so they can see how they gonna target new clients.

#5 Murmur Gets Enormous Exposure 

It might not seem that obvious, but another advantage of using Murmur cars is the exposure rate—compared to Firefly cars.

Murmur’s drivers locate their cars all around the cities and specifically in the most popular and populated places. So, there’s a good chance that consumers will see your ad more than once, for instance, twice a day, or even multiple times a week. This kind of exposure leads to:

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Build consumer trust
  • Attract new customers 
  • Provide consumers with a visual memory for your business 

#6 Reach a Loyal Audience 

Unlike Firefly advertising, Murmur’s car top billboards adverting is that they are also primarily targeted at consumers behind the wheels as well. That’s good news for advertisers, as cars might be one of the last object in the world where people’s eyes are focused on something besides their phone—for instance, your ad.

#7 Murmur Aims For Impressions 

Murmur cars are also a great way to increase impressions on your ads. Compared to Firefly ads, Murmur car tops are digital and can change the variations of the ads that consumers notice, trust, and remember. These functions + weekly data bring a winning combination for our clients.

#8 Increase Sales In A Day

Perhaps the one of Murmur’ greatest assets are their ability to increase sales—and widen your profit margin compared to other digital companies.

Murmur cars can increase your sales in a number of ways. While Firefly advertising purely focusing on exposure and their ability to reach a diverse audience, Murmur car tops analyze the frame of consumer habits- in other words, achieve the results in the quickest time possible:

  • Murmur’s Ads Analyze the Impulse of customers  – Billboards play to the habit of people for impulse purchases, just like the ‘sales’ billboard at the grocery store. And as it turns out, potential customers feel particularly impulsive when they’re behind the wheel, so with that, Murmur’s ads catch the attention of potential customers with 68% of accuracy.
  • Turnover rate – Murmur’s car tops, compared to Firefly’s ones, have a surprisingly high turnover rate when it comes to getting consumers who saw clients’ ad to react to it.For example, via Murmur’s ads, one of the most popular Azerbaijani singer, Miri Yusif was able to sell 30% of the concert’s tickets.
  • Also, one of the recent clients of Murmur was the local cafeteria in Chicago. The main competitor of this cafeteria was Starbucks. By using Murmur’s smart-targeting they managed to become one of the biggest competitor of the local branch of Starbucks in 2 months.

#9 Digital Ad Solutions

Don’t think that Murmur only focuses on car tops, compared to out digital companies, Murmur provide businesses with more advertising tools for compelling and effective promotion. 

One of the tools is: digital table top ad screen– can be especially eye-catching to billboard viewers with attractive LED displays, playable videos, and other features that grab the attention of consumers at the restaurants. These features allow brands to advertise in ways that are: 

  • Timely – Although static billboards can be limiting, as Firefly’s ones—it means you can’t really change it—but Murmur’s digital billboards allow your advertisements to change their message based on the time of day. So basically, our clients can use A/B testing for their ads to see what works the best.
  • Creative Elements – Murmur can connect its clients to the social media influencers and creative specialists in order to create hype around digital advertising campaign.

Change your approach to advertising with Murmur. For more information click the button below:

About Murmur’s Advertising Tools:

Carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why start to advertise your tv show or online content by using Murmur’s innovative tools. Your ad will not only be displayed on the billboards, potential customers will be able to see it on the LCD backpacks. Moreover, by using Street IQ Platform, customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you.

Hype IQ – is a platform focused on creating a buzz around the product or service the clients provide. The concept of the platform consists of the following steps: 1. Clients confirm the plan by indicating general information about their marketing target 2. Murmur’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) system uses the most modern marketing tactics for the quick buzzing effect around the brand

Murmur Table Top Screens

As mentioned above Murmur Table Top Displays can show the menu via QR code, charge the phone, as well as show various ads. Additionally, our displays can be used for loyalty purposes, if the restaurant’s customers have bonus cards. Also soon Murmur Table Top Screens will function with a button that informs the waiters to take the order without customers waiting and calling for them. The pandemic turns people to be more health-conscious. So, to avoid having physical contact with anyone outside their households, our screens soon have a scan function for the QR code to settle customers’ payments.





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