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Billboard Advertising: Why it is the best Advertising & Marketing channel in Chicago

When it comes to advertising, nothing compares to the impact that billboards make. Drawing consumers’ attention for countless years, billboard advertising has proven to be incredibly effective, single-handedly transforming the outdoor advertising industry through its artistry, humor, and creativity.

Its significance on the city of Chicago depends highly on its placement as it is deemed to be more productive when situated in car parks, national highway routes, and central business centers.

With such great efficiency and adequate return of investment, businesses budding or big are asking, how much does it cost to advertise on billboards in Chicago?

How Can I Benefit From A Billboard Advertisement in Chicago?

From world-famous brands to critically acclaimed musicals, billboard advertising has been turning heads across the globe since 1835. Since then, it has tapped on new technologies to combine the productivity of traditional billboards with certain innovations that have helped keep these huge posters more relevant than ever.

Apart from adding color and life to the Windy City’s skyline, here are some of the benefits that strategically placed billboard advertisement brings:

Unquestionably Noticeable

Billboards are huge and are impossible not to see. By cleverly locating them along busy streets or intersections, your message will likely be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

Once established, your ideas are communicated to everyone non-stop, unlike other forms of advertising such as TV or radio commercials which can be easily switched or turned away from.

Pick Your Spot

By putting your billboard along a busy road, you reach out to as many potential customers as possible. Advertisements placed in the most favorable locations can be used to point patrons towards your store or to highlight the features that your brand offers which they might like.

Promotes Brand Awareness

Choosing to advertise on billboards allows businesses to communicate their message within a certain area, making it one of the best ways to increase the brand’s familiarity. By tapping on the company’s own style and creativity, billboards provide a means for brands to showcase the best features that they can offer.

Advertisement 24/7

While TV and radio commercials no doubt get more entertaining, they only get to air twice tops every hour or run a newspaper ad at least once a week. With a billboard, your message is constantly on display regardless of the time of day, making every cent of your marketing budget well worth it.

Although many people think that billboards are old-fashioned and outdated, it remains to be a powerful way to convey your message and reach an array of potential customers. By combining an effective and stimulating message stowed in the best location, billboards can effortlessly prove why they are still an extremely popular advertising option for companies big and small.

What Are The Different Types Of Billboards?

When it comes to marketing products and services, our choices are endless. Depending on factors such as the target audience and advertising budget, your marketing campaign may reap a load of benefits by adhering to effective billboard advertising. Known to be cost-effective and easy to update, let’s take a quick look at the various billboard types:

Classic Static Billboards in Chicago

Often spotted on highways, expressways, and traffic-congested streets, this outdoor advertising tool is intended to catch the attention of motorized and pedestrian traffic. Having grown in size to accommodate the increasing speed of motorized vehicles, these eye-catching mode of advertisement comes in a range of sizes and measurements, making any city adorned with it vibrant and entertaining to look at.

Mechanical Billboard

Also known as a multi-message or three-dimensional billboard, it features stunning artistry that captures the attention of anyone who sees them. It enables advertisers to show at least 30 images per side, making it one of the most efficient yet cost-effective marketing tools available.

Mobile Digital Car-Top Billboards in Chicago

Integrated with LED technology and typically mounted on trucks, this billboard can be seen where large events take place, displaying recognizable and easy-to-recall messages that its target audience can conveniently remember.
One of the leading car-top billboard advertising companies in Chicago is Murmur. Murmur`s technology will give advertisers real-time data and analytics about campaign performance, the ability to interact with viewers in real-time and collect their data in exchange for rewards and discounts.

Murmur is a new way for brands to connect with their audience in the real world. Using smart car-top billboards, they can see instantly who is looking at their ads and engage directly with them on the spot. 

Using our smart car-top billboard technology, advanced AI, and big data, we can collect data in real-time and retarget them dynamically via online ads.
Learn more about why businesses in Chicago choose Murmur to advertise on the streets and collect data.

Digital Billboard

Regarded as the new face of billboards, they allow multiple static advertisements to run, allowing several brands to share the same billboard site for what could be a more colorful, innovative, and affordable commercial spot.

Although local advertising through billboards has been used for quite some time, it still is one of the best ways for a product or service to be noticed.

While online marketing offers a host of perks and advantages, driving through a giant poster of your favorite brands is simply second to none.

How To Measure Billboard Advertising Campaign Performance?

Putting an actual number on the success of your ad campaign can be daunting. Unlike TV which allows you to view the ratings on a show that aired your commercial and online marketing tools that tell exactly the number of times your link was clicked, billboard advertising does not provide any quantifiable measurement that describes how your campaign is actually performing.

Albeit more challenging, here are several measurement systems that can help define your billboard ad’s performance:

Digital Trails

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to keep in step of a billboard’s effectivity is to include links, social media accounts, and promo codes that can be easily tracked based on the number of people who used the promo code or followed a social media account.

Visibility Research

Relying heavily on the amount of time spent by the consumer in a certain area, it uses contact zones to help determine the likelihood of a person noticing an ad depending on their opportunity to see it.


Surveys, as well as census information, can be used to acquire essential information which can help measure the success of billboard advertising. Not only does it help advertisers recognize and understand their audience but it also allows them to produce demographic-appropriate content.


Typically made available in the form of weekly figures, it gives you an idea of whom your ad has reached by showing the average amount of times that your ad was viewed as well as the number of vehicles that passed and possibly viewed it.

Located in highly visible areas with heavy pedestrian and motorized traffic, the billboards in Chicago offer one of the best costs per impression in the market. By commanding a price at an average of $2.4 thousand for a four-week ad campaign, posting an ad in this amazing city can be considered excellent yet cheap billboard advertising.


Billboards, with all their attractive and colorful visuals, remain a practical and sufficient tool for any marketing campaign. Gone are the days when Michael Jordan ruled this city’s bright skies as these towering structures stand to show how powerful billboard advertising is defined.

Billboard advertising has been changed and Murmur`s technology allows you to bridge outdoor advertising with online and drive more data which makes more sense for the business.

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