Attention! The latest marketing ideas for real estate business.

Taking into consideration that the real estate industry is super competitive, you have to be creative and forward-thinking in order to keep your marketing strategy ahead of the curve.

Such an atmosphere can attract and at the same time scare new real estate specialists. But as this sphere is very profitable and needs creativity, most real estate agents challenge themselves on finding the best ways to promote their business.

So, as we’re quickly approaching 2023, the Murmur team decided to provide tips for realtors on how to make the perfect real-estate marketing for their services.


1. Social Media Has to be your Cup Of Tea

According to Kepios, there are 4.74 billion social media users around the world in 2022, making up 59.3 percent of the total global population. So that means real-estate marketing done in a smart way, can bring enormous results to the agencies.

  • But let’s find out how to promote your real estate business on the most popular social media platforms.


#1. Facebook

Murmur team suggests you start viral real-estate marketing right now. Here are the steps:

  • Set up a business page for real-estate business
  • Try out how to use Facebook Insights, so that you can work with daily statistics of your page
  • Paid advertising- is a good way of bringing visibility to your real estate services
  • Content is king, and it’s not a joke. So, before starting paid advertising, take a look at the posts that you’re gonna show to potential clients.

For instance, if you’re focusing on selling homes in a family-oriented residential area, you should target your ads at young people who are searching by location.


#2. Instagram

The visual part of the real-estate business is a direct way to attract home buyers. As people want to see photos of the property they’re interested in order to decide if it’s going to be a good match. And, the first platform that comes to our mind, when we talk about visual marketing is, of course, Instagram.

  • Check out the creative marketing ideas from the Murmur team for your real estate business page on Instagram.

To create reels about  ( as this feature is booming right now)

  • Walkthroughs
  • Open houses
  • Showcases
  • Listings of prices

Fun trick: By creating reels, realtors can, at the same time, build a brand voice and a community within their platform.

#3. YouTube

The first social media platform, that instantly becomes a choice for potential home buyers is Youtube. As there are thousands of videos about houses, and residential areas, where clients can see what they’re up to buying.

We can say that Youtube is a perfect social media platform for real estate dealers.

But why is this platform so crucial for real-estate business?

YouTube’s model allows for more in-depth, informative videos on your listings. By doing that, you give as much info as possible to the prospects closest to converting.

Murmur team recommends adding the following content to the real-estate marketing

  • Testimonials – For example, realtors should ask previously satisfied customers for a review to publishing on clients’ youtube channels, so that will provide credibility to your real estate agency.
  • Interviews- Reviews are easy to fake, but the emotions that can come during interviews are genuine. This is a powerful tool that will give your subscribers real insight into why they should choose your real estate company over your competitors.

2. More Videos and Photos For Real Estate Social Media Pages

When you network in your niche, it’s important to include local images or videos about residential areas and houses on sale in your digital marketing campaign.

  • Many companies forget to put photos or videos on their post, and they share just text.

Images and videos are very important. They significantly increase your current and prospective customers’ engagement levels with your company and help you to advertise real estate.

Showing your work (photos and videos) in your target community provides legitimacy to your brand.

Tip from the Murmur team: Make your real estate posts public so your followers can share them with their followers too!

3. Use Linkedin For Major Traction

According to the latest stats, LinkedIn has 849 million users in the year 2022. It’s that social media platform where industry professionals can gather and network with one another. So it means, an excellent opportunity for your real estate business to establish its professional reputation in an online format.

  • Linkedin helps you to grow your real estate business exposure, by presenting you to investors, business owners, and banks in your immediate area – with that, providing chances at partnerships beyond your residential clients.


4. Time to Make Real Estate Blog Content on Your Web-Site

Blogging is the most wanted piece of the puzzle!

Blogs offer much-needed industry insight for your clients and get you natural web traffic on your real estate website.

  • The main goal of writing blog posts is to show your company’s expertise.

Optimizing your content for high SEO/SEM rankings to your prospective customers will lead client right to you. Optimizing basically means that your posts show up in prospect search results every time.

Murmur team suggests using tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs in order to find the search terms and keywords your target clients are looking for plus will inspire you with fresh topic ideas.

5. Create a Website for Any Cases

As many clients (home-buyers) search the internet to investigate residential areas and houses before they buy. Creating a website for your real estate business will show prospective clients what you have to offer them, plus they can talk to you straightly via website-bot.

  • Important tactic: Include listings on your real estate site and update them regularly – this will help you to promote your real estate business to potential clients coming to your site as they search for properties.

Useful tip from the Murmur team: Try to add something a little unexpected to set your website apart. For example, a mortgage calculator, filters for categories and etc.

6. Time to Develop Email marketing campaigns for Real Estate Businesses.

It’s very important to send a monthly newsletter roundup of your blog content, and reach out to contacts when new property listings are available on your site.

Attention: Take into consideration including images of the properties that link to the full listing, a video walkthrough of the property, a virtual staging of the home, or youtube interviews. Everything that makes your real estate agency the final choice for the clients!


7. Social Media Collaboration is a Must-Have

By using your local connections and partnering with clothing boutiques, home decor showrooms, and coffee shops, and also with influencers, you can promote listings — and for example, invite them to participate in an open house event.

  • The main goal of making collaborations for the real estate business- encourage prospective home-buyers prospects to visit your open house, you can work with the local businesses to determine discounts on goods that can be offered to the home buyers.

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About Murmur’s Advertising Tools:

Carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why to start to advertise your tv show or online content by using Murmur’s innovative tools. Your ad will not only be displayed on the billboards, but potential customers will also be able to see it on LCD backpacks, holograms, tabletop screens, delivery bags, and car tops all around the city. Moreover, by using our Street IQ Platform, your customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you.

Hype IQ – is a platform focused on creating a buzz around the product or service the clients provide. The concept of the platform consists of the following steps:

1. Clients confirm the plan by indicating general information about their marketing


2. Murmur’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) system uses the most modern marketing

tactics for the quick buzzing effect around the brand

Murmur Table Top Screens

 As mentioned above Murmur Table Top Displays can show the menu via QR code, charge the phone, as well as show various ads. Additionally, our displays can be used for loyalty purposes, if the restaurant’s customers have bonus cards.

Also soon Murmur Table Top Screens will be able to function with a button that informs the waiters to take the order without customers waiting and calling for them.

The pandemic turns people to be more health-conscious. So, in order to avoid having physical contact with anyone outside their households as much as possible, our screens soon have a scan function for the QR code to settle customers’ payments.


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