Advertising in Baku. Revolutionizing marketing with Murmur

It’s all about the location

One of the biggest factors when creating a successful outdoor advertisement is where business puts it. Ideally, the advert should be in full view of the target audience if company wants results. By finding the right place for the advert, you can capture huge audiences, as opposed to hanging the poster or billboard wherever there is an available space.

Different locations attract different groups of people; for example, the subways, trains and buses will most probably be full of business people and students, which makes it the perfect place to advertise if you are offering something that this group of people will be interested in.

On the other hand, a younger audience may visit local clubs, malls, cinemas or other places of entertainment and so this is worth bearing in mind when you are looking for a position for your outdoor advert.

In our today’s blog post, we shall analyze what are the best locations for advertising and how Murmur is revolutionizing the ways of advertising.

The top locations for advertising in Baku


Home to tons of restaurants, shops, cafés, and bars, this square is definitely one of the most vibrant places to see in Baku. It is one of the best locations for any type of advertising. Things to do there are endless, from shopping for souvenirs to people-watching. To make your advertising strategy even moreattractive, set a stroll from Nizami Street to Fountain Square for your ad.


Baku is not just a walkable city; it’s an incredibly gorgeous city to walk in. This is in large part thanks to Baku Boulevard, a beautiful seafront promenade that offers incredible views of the cityscape. By advertising your brand there, you will be able to catch the attention of not only local customers, but also tourists ,whose this place is one of the favorites. Other than that one of the biggest Malls in the country, located in the area of Boulevard. So, you will also be able to attract hundred of visitors of this shopping centre.


If you want to get customers among local people working in farming and agriculture , then make sure to point Yasil Bazar as one of your top locations for advertising. This green market is also where locals like to do their shopping. It has a very authentic vibe to it and is a great place to people-watch and learn more about local life in Baku!

Advertise in Baku with Murmur

The above mentioned locations and more are perfect choices for advertising in Baku. But carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why start to advertise your ad by using Murmur’s digital breakthrough. Your ad will not only be displayed on the billboards, potential customers will be able to see it on the LCD backpacks , holograms and car-tops all around the city. Moreover, by using our Street IQ Platform, you customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you.

Change your approach to advertising with Murmur.

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